3 Common Mental Health Issues Faced By Victims Of Car Accidents


Being involved in a road accident can be exceptionally traumatic, even if the collision was not overly severe. Unfortunately, car accidents’ mental and psychological impacts can leave victims suffering from various mental health concerns. What’s more, after being involved in a car accident, most people focus on the financial setbacks and recovering from any physical harm. However, there is no arguing the importance of good mental health, especially when considering that conditions of the mind such as depression and others can hinder your daily quality of life.

Statistics show that car accidents are a staggering problem worldwide as an issue responsible for millions of deaths and severe injuries around the world each year. A car accident’s impacts often span far further than financial setbacks and physical harm, as emotional distress often plays a large role in the recovery process. So whether you are pursuing a lawsuit with the responsible party or making a State Farm accidents claim, you should seek medical treatment if you are experiencing any one of the following three most common mental health issues following the accident.

Acute PTSD

Acute post-traumatic stress disorder can overthrow a person’s daily life. The most commonly experienced symptoms with PTSD include recurring thoughts or flashbacks of the accident, difficulty connecting, emotional numbness, sudden and extreme introverted behavior, hyper-vigilance, paranoia, and constantly feeling alert due to adrenalin. If you have PTSD, it is crucial to seek medical treatment as symptoms do not subside independently, despite the common misconception that they will.

Severe Anxiety

While most people experience mild or minimal anxiety, especially following an experience such as a car accident. However, some victims of car accidents can develop extreme anxiety. The development of phobias, panic attacks, sleep disorders, and physical symptoms such as headaches, asthma, and even high blood pressure are associated with severe anxiety. As another mental health issue that does not subside without treatment, it is highly recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Treatment for anxiety may include commercial calming medications, natural remedies, and therapy sessions. Severe stress is also common in patients experiencing anxiety, and some symptoms of stress are synonymous with anxiety symptoms.

Depressive Disorders

Depression can set in as a result of trauma from a car accident. Major depressive disorder, or MDD, requires medical treatment that includes commercial medications and ongoing therapy. In some instances, a major depressive disorder can lead to suicidal thoughts. The symptoms to look out for include decreased concentration, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, weight loss, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, and a lack of energy. Depression is quite common for victims of car accidents as it is not uncommon to feel out of touch with reality after experiencing a lack of control over one’s own life.

Conditions of the mind may often be overlooked after being involved in an accident that renders you physically harmed. However, mental injuries require medical attention just as physical injuries do. Without treatment, recovery is often unreachable.