4 Disputes & Issues a Business Law Attorney Can Assist You With


Running a business can be a rewarding experience, but it can also involve navigating a range of challenges. Some of these challenges are ones you can navigate on your own or with the help of internal team members. However, there may be instances when it’s necessary to enlist outside help to make overcoming certain difficulties easier and less stressful than it otherwise would be.

For example, depending on the nature of your business, it’s possible you’ll encounter some legal difficulties in the future. If you don’t have internal counsel, which is typically only necessary for particularly large businesses, you may consider hiring a business law attorney to assist you in these matters. 

The experienced Florida business law attorneys at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA gave us a list of the numerous business issues attorneys can help with:

Drafting and Enforcing Contracts

Business law lawyers aren’t merely necessary when major challenges or issues arise. Their guidance can be helpful even when you’re merely addressing basic business tasks.

For instance, it’s important to remember that contracts are technically legal documents. Thus, they need to be thorough and clear to guard against disputes in the future.

A business law attorney’s services can be very useful when you’re drafting contracts. They can ensure a contract contains all the details and provisions necessary. Additionally, if disputes do arise, an attorney can help you enforce the terms of your contracts.

Assisting With Regulatory Issues

The U.S. Department of Labor and various other agencies establish and enforce various regulations that companies need to abide by. Some are general regulations that apply to virtually all employers. Others are industry-specific.

As such, it can sometimes be difficult to know whether your business is obeying all regulations and laws. An attorney can provide advice to help you prevent accidental violations. If it is discovered that your company has violated a certain law or regulation, an attorney can help you minimize the potential consequences you may face.

Pursuing Payment from Clients

In an ideal world, you would never have to worry about not receiving payment from clients. Unfortunately, that’s not the world in which we live. There is a good chance that you may one day struggle to collect payment from a client who is ignoring your calls and emails. Or, they might refuse to pay you, falsely claiming that the work you delivered didn’t fulfill the terms of your agreement.

This is another instance in which you might want to hire a lawyer. A simple letter from an attorney is often enough to scare a client into paying up. Even if it isn’t, an attorney can help you take further legal action to collect what you may be owed.


For a number of potential reasons, there may be times when you need to negotiate with other entities as part of your duties running a business. When this happens, it helps to have a lawyer on your side. Their specialized experience can help you negotiate more effectively.

Those are just a few examples of ways a business law attorney can assist you. Remember, not all challenges are the type you can handle on your own. When you encounter legal difficulties, the best choice for your business is often to hire a lawyer.


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