4 Tips to Surviving an Interstate Move


Planning an interstate move can be both exciting and challenging. It’s a total change to your life as you know it. New house, new job and new school for the kids are only a few of the new experiences you’ll be having. A lot of deliberating and planning goes into this decision before you even pack the first box!

Fortunately there are interstate transport companies that can assist with the long haul across states, eliminating some of the stress that goes with moving. Consider these three tips to simplify the move preparation even further.

Declutter, Donate and Lighten the Load

Moving to a new house, whether it’s down the road or across state lines presents the perfect opportunity to declutter your life. Moving unnecessary and unused items along with you only adds to the volume of boxes required to move; not to mention the costs involved if you’re moving interstate.

The golden rule in decluttering is to throw out everything you haven’t used in a year:

  • Clothes you haven’t worn or won’t fit into again, can easily be donated to charity.
  • Children’s clothes and old forgotten toys can also easily be donated.
  • Nonfunctional furniture items that are just taking up space in your current home should be donated or passed onto a neighbour or relative that could use them.
  • We all have a cupboard filled with useless plastic containers that we hardly use but insist on keeping. Well, now is the time to get rid of all that.
  • If it’s old, not really functional and you have been surviving without it, you really don’t need it and it’s the perfect time to throw it out.

If you have a collection of items that you’ve gathered up over the years with the intention of “fixing it later”, let’s face it: if you haven’t fixed it by now, you probably aren’t going to any time soon, if ever. It’s time to toss those items too.

There’s also no need to keep redundant paperwork that you’ve perhaps been hoarding since you’ve been old enough to receive mail. The Australian Tax Department advises you to keep relevant documents for a period of five years. Documents can also be scanned and digital copies kept as opposed to boxes of old documents being moved from place to place.

Wherever possible, you can also have a garage sale for items that are still in functional condition.

Once you’ve purged your house of unnecessary items, you’ll be able to establish exactly how many boxes and what pieces of furniture you’ll need to move. Then the real work begins.

Choosing the Right Interstate Moving Company

One of the ways to make interstate moving a little bit more bearable is by choosing one of the interstate transport companies offering services at reasonable rates. The key here is to do your homework. Research various companies, ask for referrals from friends or family and obtain written quotes for comparison.

Once you’ve decided on the most effective interstate transport to use, it’s important to discuss all your planning and ideas with them. The last thing you want is to be disappointed on the day because everyone isn’t on the same page.

With effective research you’ll find the best transport companies Melbourne and other Australian cities have to offer.

Packing and Labeling

Another step in surviving the interstate move with most of your nerves intact is the manner in which you approach the packing process. Smart packing is not only effective but crucial.

Absolutely avoid randomly throwing items into any boxes with the intention of “sorting it out on the other side”. This only creates additional chaos and a lot of frustration. The trick here is to pack items that belong in the same room in the same box.

Fragile items should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, newspaper or any other packing material you have. Another tip would be to place pillow cases, dishcloths and towels in the boxes containing fragile items. This is to add extra support and prevent too much movement that can cause damage.

Clearly labelling each box and specifically marking boxes with glass items as “fragile” will save you some more frustration. You and the movers will know to handle it with care.

Identify which of the boxes will be transported by the movers and which you’ll be taking yourself. Wherever possible, pack the items that you use on a daily basis, like your mobile phone charger, laptop and any daily medication with the items that will be travelling with you.

Research Plant Laws

If you’re planning on moving your potted plants with you, then you need to do some research about the legislation related to this matter. For instance, Queensland requires you to obtain a biosecurity certificate to move plants or plant products within Queensland or to another state.

The state you’re moving to might require the biosecurity certificate as proof that quarantine standards have been met before allowing the required plants into their area.

A Final Thought: Stay Positive

Moving across country, daunting as it sounds, doesn’t have to be the end of your sanity. Extensive planning and preparation is the key to surviving an interstate move!

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