6 Features of KENT CamEye That Make it Stand Out


These days people, especially those who have chauffeur-driven cars, are always suspicious about their vehicle being misused by the driver. Rash driving and over-speeding, taking intentional detours for personal work, sleeping in the car with the AC on, and ferrying unknown passengers for quick money –situations like these are quite common. Stress tends to mount when women and children are traveling with the chauffeur.

However, there is modern technology available to keep a tab on such drivers and prevent the misuse of your personal vehicles. A location tracker for car is a device that helps in always monitoring the location of your vehicle.

KENT CamEye is a new age automotive security device that will ensure the safety of your loved ones and offer comprehensive security to your vehicle.

Here are some features of KENT CamEye that make it the best location tracker for car:

  1. Audio and Time-Lapse Video Capabilities

KENT CamEye is enabled with both audio and video capabilities; it provides meaningful insights via-

  • Live Video Streaming

It comes with a dual-camera set-up and provides live video streaming inside and outside the car. It allows the user to monitor the real-time location of the car on the screen.

  • Time-Lapse Video Recording

The night-vision enabled dual camera allows automatic recording of both inside and outside views, along with an audio recording. You can easily play the recorded video of both the views simultaneously along with the route traveled by car, on the map.

  • Download Recorded Time-Lapse Videos

A location tracker for car allows you to download recorded videos or images of the trip from any of the cameras. As per your convenience, you can pause, fast-forward, or mute the time-lapse video.

  1. Offers 2-Way Calling

KENT CamEye comes with a built-in microphone and a speaker, which enables you to talk back and forth. It can only be initiated by the device owner and rules out the chances of misuse by the driver.

  1. Face-Recognition

Face-recognition technology helps to identify the person who sits on the driver’s seat every time from the list of familiar drivers. It also captures the faces of co-passengers sitting inside the car. You can check this under the trip details section.

  1. Receive Customized Alerts

KENT CamEye is well-equipped with artificial intelligence smart alerts such as:

  • Over-speeding Alert

Whenever your car breaches the pre-defined speed, alerts are triggered. It helps to check the behaviour of the driver in real-time and ensures the safety of both the passengers and the car.

  • Geo-Fence Alert

KENT CamEye helps in creating visual boundaries around an area on the map; it helps in defining the usual places where the car is supposed to go daily. It also prevents your chauffeurs from taking intentional or accidental detours.

  • AC ON Alert

This alert is triggered when the car heating or cooling is switched on while the car is parked.

  • Engine Idling Alert

You can receive alerts in case the car’s engine remains idle for a certain period. The idle time limit can be set by the user, as per requirement. It also helps in saving fuel and maintenance costs and reduce pollution at the same time.

These are some of the features of KENT CamEye that makes it stand out.

It is a 4 G-enabled device that helps in uploading real-time data, including recorded-video or audio, on a secure cloud server. You can easily download the recorded time-lapse videos on the cloud or the HD video on the SD card anytime on the owner’s mobile phone for playback and trip analysis. It comes with a significant internal memory that allows you to capture and store data in case of no mobile connectivity. Robust battery backup allows 24 hours operation even when the vehicle is parked.

Secure your family with KENT CamEye!

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