9 ways to master your newfound LDR


One of my friends posted how she and her boyfriend of several years finally know what a long-distance relationship (LDR) is like due to our current situation. Social distancing and home quarantine mean that everyone is dating and keeping up with their significant other online.

Cultivating a relationship online has its perks. It also adds a different dimension to how you know each other. I also believe that time apart is always healthy in any relationship. Heed the words of sage Ariana Grande: “I can’t really miss you if I’m with you/And when I miss you, it’ll change the way I kiss you.”

If you’re new to the LDR world or just looking for ways to spice it up, I’ve listed down a few things you and your boo could do.

Do something together while online

You can watch a movie or binge on a new TV show via Netflix Party. No fighting for the blanket with this one or getting stuck in the awkward position.

You also don’t need to be chatting online all the time. Sometimes I write an article (oops, busted!) while my partner cuts a video for work. It stimulates the feeling of being in the same room. Plus, you can easily ask each other some help when a bit stuck with your respective tasks.

Do a date where you cook and eat together

A standard with online love. You can cook the same dish if you want to or just go with each other’s favorites. Set the table and place your chosen device opposite you in a manner that would mimic your partner sitting across the table.

Sometimes, don’t always use video. Go for an audio call.

Don’t let the video calls become a routine. A classic voice call can feel intimate. Your imagination can run a little bit, giving your that old school, “I talked to my baby on the telephone, long-distance” feel.

Change the location of your video call from time to time

Learn from the YouTube vloggers: Change your backdrop. It makes for an instant conversation starter. It also gives some stimulation to both of you. If you haven’t done it yet, IRL: Give each other a home tour!

Enjoy various apps

Depending on your connection, some apps perform better than others. Sometimes, the performance changes from day-to-day. So play around with Skype, Google Duo, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. Randomly leave messages on any of these apps and allow your SO to reply on a different platform.

Currently, I’m liking House Party. You can play games like Quick Draw!, Heads Up!, and Trivia.

Use headphones

It may sound fundamental, but talking to each other via headphones does help make the call feel more personal. Plus, it cancels out noise and the “What did you say?” transgressions.

Use a tripod or a selfie stick

Another practical suggestion, but it’s something to take note of truly. You don’t want to cut the conversation short just because your hand gets tired or subject yourself to weird angels as you chat.

Call sporadically

Just like in real life, one must schedule video dates after work and personal chores. But don’t be afraid to call out of the blue, even just to say hi or give each other quick updates. Leave a voice mail if the person doesn’t pick up.

Have a date where you both dress up as if to go out

The secret to dating this way is to build it up the whole day as if you’re going to meet. Ask who will pick up who and where you will go. Try not to tell each other what’s going on in your day or whatever pops into your head. Save it for the date.

Volunteer to bring over some wine if it’s going to be a date at home. An hour before, text that “I’m just waiting for the car to come to pick me up.”

Put some makeup on, wear that lovely dress, and a necklace. For guys, go the extra mile by busting out that excellent and well-ironed shirt. Put some gel into that hair.

No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s always fun and refreshing to know you still gussy up and get a bit nervous when you see each other even just via your laptop screen.

There you have it! You can always create your own ways to make your LDR interesting. Ask each other to do an avatar for the other one and make one for yourself so you can compare the results. Ask your parents how they went about phone calls in the ’90s. You never know what advice they have!


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