Among Us upcoming features to include new map, in-game social network


Among Us became a quick hit in many regions of the world in 2020. The easy-to-play, skill-based title that could be played on lower-end systems, and did not require complex tactics or communication strategies became popular among the gaming community. The game also has a mobile app, which also gained many players through last year in regions like India, where popular battle royale title PUBG Mobile had been banned in September 2020. Now, the game’s developers have put out teasers for the upcoming features at CES 2021.

Victoria Tran, Community Director at InnerSloth, the company behind Among Us, recently spoke about the game’s future plans in a panel hosted by CNET. “There is really no English word to make people comprehend how surprising and amazing it was,” exclaimed Tran, speaking about the huge number of players that tried Among Us in 2020.

Tran went on to reveal through the panel that the biggest challenge for Among Us moving forward, will be to retain the users it gained through the spurt through 2020. To achieve that, Among Us will be adding a new map in the game. For long, a new map rumoured to be called ‘The Airship’ is being talked about, and it seems this could be the very map Tran is referring to.

Among Us to bring new in-game social network

The game is also set to implement a new in-game social network that will allow players to get more social with fellow players. Tran did not reveal much about this new aspect, but it seems the new implementation could perhaps add features like in-game item trading and leaderboards. These features would likely also come to the mobile version of Among Us, which is also popular in many regions globally.




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