Apple rejects apps that offer overpriced in-app purchases


2020 was a financially successful year for Apple’s App Store, which can be largely attributed to the 30% cut the Cupertino company takes from in-app purchases developers can offer users.

As is to be expected, Apple wants to keep the success going and thus, each time a developer wants to add a new app to the App Store, that app goes through a rigorous approval process, in order to determine its quality and legitimacy. And aside from the obvious reasons to reject an app, such as it being unstable and buggy, or containing shocking or offensive content, Apple doesn’t seem welcoming towards apps that offer overpriced, low-value in-app purchase products either.

Recently 9to5Mac got a hold of an app rejection letter from Apple, which sheds new light at just how serious the company is about retaining user trust and avoiding its users getting ripped off via in-app purchases. The rejection letter reads:

And while Apple’s efforts towards user satisfaction are admirable, the developers of the app in question believed that the rejection was a mistake. After reaching out to the app review team, the devs were able to clarify how this is in fact the case, and their app was ultimately approved.



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