Art Text Overview


The times when WordArt was the only way to diversify your text content appearance faded into obscurity. Nowadays, the popularity of graphic design in general gives rise to different design software, among which Art Text is one of those worth mentioning. What makes it so special for beginners and pro designers who know the field inside out? Stay tuned to check it out!

Diverse Text Effects

Art Text is a graphic design software that helps users create incredible text effects, typography graphics for use as headings and titles, and even design logos. Developers spend a lot of time on bringing new features and improving the app in general. Art Text is in version 4, that brought users many new interesting tools, such as Spray Fill, Reflection Maks that significantly advanced 3D texts, and of course, Distortion Effects that distort font shapes in a creative way.

Simple Learning Curve

Intuitive navigation and easy feature accessibility is what differentiates this program from the Adobe group solutions. For Art Text users, it doesn’t matter what initial skills and experience the user possess — everyone is capable of creating gorgeous-looking results centered on their favorite design styles and fonts. The wide range of ready-made effects, presets and typography templates makes introduction to Art Text smooth and quick for anyone interested in graphic design.

Design Gallery

Art Text is the right tool to keep up with the diverse lettering and typography environment growth. It is as simple as ABC to make relevant and stylish text effects, including 3D text, with the help of the program’s tools. Design Gallery offers access to over 180 fully-customizable templates for quick start. You can choose either 2D text, or go with 3D text template, change the text and your design is ready in minutes. Manipulate text effects and gain the unique typography graphics. Design Gallery also offers over 200 paid templates that cover various holidays and typography themes like retro, edible letters, 3D Metal text, watercolor typography and many more.

Spay Fill

Spray Fill functionality is really unique. Its main purpose is to transform word form to make them look as if composed of objects chosen in the settings. For instance, that could be stones, nuts, glitter, or even coffee beans. You can even upload your own photo-objects to compose words with imported items, you will be pleased with the final result.

3D Text

Art Text has a unique engine that creates 3D text based on the font and text you type. Users with virtually no 3D modeling skill can create 3D typography in minutes. You can then work with texture, light, and shape settings to gain the necessary visual effect. Various material presets will simplify your work with 3D text.

Wrap It Up

Art Text price of 29.99 USD is rather reasonable if you compare it to other competitors and the feature set it offers. Why wait, get a free trial from the website, which is a great way to try all features the app offers. Paid templates are a great source of inspiration, although not critically necessary, you could get one or two template sets for somewhere between 3 and 10 dollars each.


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