Bathroom Ventilation: 5 Reasons You Can’t do Without an Exhaust Fan


Taking showers, washing your hands, blow-drying your hair all add moisture to the air in your bathroom. This trapped moisture and extra humidity should be released from time to time. That is why equipping your bathroom with an exhaust fan Is important. It’s used to remove excess moisture and unwanted odours from a specific area. Bathroom that does not have proper ventilation is full of bad odour or foul smell. An exhaust fan creates ventilation, decreases humidity, and removes any other odours that can be dangerous when inhaled.

Image Source: Luminous

Why an exhaust fan is the most important appliance for your bathroom? Check out the below-mentioned reasons. 

  • Improving Air Quality

By eliminating humidity, odours, and toxins, exhaust fans improve air quality. In bathrooms, these air quality-depleting agents may build up over time; therefore, exhaust fans play an important role to take out all the built-up air. So that the air you breathe in your washroom is fresh. Superior air suction technology in both marble and plastic finishes makes these fans a must-have.

  • Keeps the Bathroom Hygienic

Potentially harmful bacteria grow on surfaces that are moist and damp. These bacteria can trigger different kinds of allergies. If your bathroom doesn’t have an exhaust fan, then the humidity levels could be high, providing a breeding ground for mites and insects. These insects often come in contact with the skin and cause skin burning, rashes, and sometimes even cause eczema. Nevertheless, these issues can be resolved easily with proper bathroom ventilation.

  • Preservation of Paint and Bathroom Décor

A sure sign of excess bathroom moisture is if the paint is peeling off the walls. Left unchecked, this moisture will cause damage to tiles, tubs, flooring, and wall surfaces and cause cleaning hassles, possibly contributing to the early removal of these materials and the insulation and structure below if left unchecked to result in mould and later rot.

  • Helps in Humidity Control

Moisture control in the bathroom is important for comfort. Also, smelly bathrooms are the biggest turn off when guests come unannounced. When you install a stylish exhaust fan, it not only adds to your décor but keeps your bathroom cool and odour free.

  • Helps in Reducing Condensation

On walls, ceilings and other surfaces, condensation from hot water may build-up, contributing to mould formation. As stated earlier, damp conditions and condensation can cause serious respiratory illnesses, allergies, cold, and asthma. However, installing an exhaust fan will keep you away from all such risks of infection. An exhaust fan is capable enough to filter out moist air, steam, dust, warm or cold air from your bathroom’s interiors, thus, preventing mould growth.

  • Substitute for Bathroom Fresheners

Exhaust fans are a great substitute for the expensive bathroom fresheners. Moreover, these fresheners are of no use without proper air circulation. Therefore, Ventilation is a must in every bathroom.

  • Helps to Reduce Odour in the Attached Bedroom

Usually, bathrooms are attached to the bedrooms, if your bathroom doesn’t have an exhaust fan it will have bad odour. This bad odour will make your attached bedroom also smelly. No one wants to sleep in a room that stinks. Hence exhaust fans become a necessity.

An exhaust fan ensures proper ventilation in any area where you feel it is needed the most. When you need a classic exhaust fan with an assured performance, a really powerful motor and a great air thrust, reputed brands like Luminous is an obvious choice. With specially designed aerodynamic blades, sturdy bird guard and premium finish, they offer exhaust fans ideal for bathrooms – Vento Deluxe, Fresher Metal and Vento Axial to name a few. They all have superior air suction technology in both marble and plastic finishes, making these fans a great addition to your home.