Bigg Boss 14 finalist Nikki Tamboli: Being in top three is no less than winning the trophy for me


“I am really very happy that Rubina won and also quite satisfied with how my journey panned out,” smiled to share Nikki Tamboli, while talking about the result of Bigg Boss 14. The actor ended her journey as the second runner up, while good friend Rubina Dilaik took home the trophy after defeating Rahul Vaidya.

Nikki Tamboli had a fiery start on Bigg Boss 14 but was soon branded as a spoilt brat given her constant brawls with other housemates. While the actor was evicted during the early finale, makers invited her again given her popularity.

In an exclusive chat with, Nikki Tamboli shared more about her stint on Bigg Boss 14, her special moments and how she plans to use this newfound fame.

Excerpts from the conversation…

How satisfied are you about your journey on Bigg Boss 14?

I never expected to be in the top three. I had even lost any hope of being in the finale after I came back. However, it’s such a big achievement for me, and it’s no less than winning the trophy. My parents also very happy about my journey. I don’ think I could have asked for anything more.

In the initial days, Toofani Seniors had picked you as a winner. What do you think went wrong for you?

I don’t know exactly. Although whatever I did, it was on my own volition and I was not influenced by anyone or manipulated in any way. Also, not everyone can win. I managed to rule my fans’ hearts, and that’s a feat for me.

Salman Khan seemed quite put off by your behaviour in the finale, and even scolded you.

When Aly got eliminated, I became really emotional reminiscing about my journey. I was pulled down throughout the show, told I had no potential. I have played the game alone. I was upset that one shouldn’t judge anyone so easily, they might have the potential to fly. I might have overreacted but I was just remembering what everyone told me, and was feeling really sad.

While recently you developed a close bond with Rubina, you failed to remain friends with Jaan Kumar Sanu, Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan. Do you think you need to learn how to maintain relationships.

I don’t think so, as whoever I was rude with or fought with, I have sorted the differences. I think it’s going to be a smooth journey ahead for me.

You got two opportunities to take money and leave the show. What made you stick to the game?

When I was offered Rs 6 lakh, I knew that I wanted to stay for sure. It was my dream to be in the finale. And while I did press the buzzer to take Rs 14 lakh, Rakhi was faster than me. But I am so happy that I stayed back, otherwise I would have never known that I could reach the top 3. I would have not known how much I was being loved.

What has been the most precious moment for you on Bigg Boss 14?

When I became the first confirmed contestant, and when I reached the finale first. Both these moments were very special for me.

If you could sum up your Bigg Boss journey in one word, how would you?

It was a magical journey for me. I have been a huge fan of Bigg Boss Hindi for the longest time. I am so happy that I took the decision to be a part of the show. It made me realise my potential not just personally but also professionally.

How do you plan to utilise your popularity now?

I want to do a lot of films, and even serials. I am already doing work down south, and now want to enter the national industry. I think a lot of doors will open for me now.

Bigg Boss 14 aired on Colors.



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