Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi, Arshi and others break down as Vikas Gupta exits the show again



Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi, Arshi and others break down as Vikas Gupta exits the show again

Vikas Gupta, also known as the Mastermind on Bigg Boss 14, entered the show as a challenger but looks like he himself has been facing many challenges while in the house. It is said that he has been facing many medical issues and has exited the show on medical grounds. The channel released a video in which Vikas Gupta can be seen crying and complaining about his toothache with fellow contestants Aly Goni and Nikki Tamboli. While the housemates were earlier seen making fun of him, after Bigg Boss asks them to pack Vikas Gupta’s luggage and keep in the store room, they realize that Vikas is quitting the show.

Looks like Vikas has stepped out of the house due to his deteriorating health and there is no clarity if he will be back once he gets better. The video further shows Rakhi Sawant, who calls Vikas her brother, and Arshi Khan, who is his frenemy, breaking down. Arshi can be seen saying that she thought Vikas is acting but he was actually not feeling well. She even apologized to Vikas Gupta while crying.

On a related note, Vikas Gupta was not keeping well due to a throat infection over the past few days, and admitted to the fact, too. He is also going through a tough time in personal life, with his relationship with his family going sour.

This is the second time that Vikas has come out of the house. Earlier, he was ousted after getting physically violent with fellow housemate Arshi Khan. Vikas, who entered the ongoing season as a challenger, pushed Arshi into the swimming pool, following which he was told to leave the show.

Meanwhile, there are also reports claiming that Manu Punjabi, who came out of the house after suffering a pancreatitis attack, might return to the house.




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