Bitcoin Reaches All-time Highs – Is this the best time to trade Digital Currency?



Almost a decade ago, if you held digital currency in your investment portfolio, the people around you would have made fun of you as it was not considered a viable and trustworthy mode of investment. However, now after hundreds of new digital currencies have emerged in the market and individuals and companies all around the world have started using and investing in crypto, especially in bitcoin, the crypto has become a legit and trustworthy financial investment tool as many investors have made millions through them over the last few years. For those who still do not know what cryptocurrencies are, a cryptocurrency, also sometimes referred to as the digital currencies or virtual currencies are currencies generated via computer systems and secured by multiple virtual methods.

 If you are one of those people who are interested in investing in bitcoin but are hesitant due to a few reservations about bitcoin in specific, or the whole concept of crypto in general, well, you have come to the right place. This article will highlight and analyze some of the attributes and features of bitcoin’s current performance which have persuaded us to believe that bitcoin is still a good, lucrative and viable investment option.

For this purpose, we have created a list of these aspects of bitcoin for our readers, and without any further ado, let’s proceed onto these features:

1. Bitcoin has an Increasing Growth in Demand

Bitcoin, and the other digital currencies, have changed the old financial system by 360 degrees. This crypto provides its users with a great degree of control and freedom on their investment as the crypto is decentralized and the users are not liable to any regulatory body or a financial institution such as the bank. It is a common opinion in the crypto market that the digital currencies are here to stay and that they are not collapsing any time soon, therefore proving to be a good option for investors for short-term or semi long-term financial investments, as crypto is the new normal. After reviewing the market, it can be stated that there are more than five thousand virtual currencies available in the market as a crypto investment option for the investors due to an increase in the crypto demand.

2. Bitcoin is highly Liquid

One of the key features of attraction about crypto is the high amount of liquidity these digital assets offer, relative to other options. For those who do not know about liquidity, this term measures the ease with which a financial asset can be sold and converted to cash. Market data shows that Bitcoin Mastery is one of the most liquid crypto and was the most liquid digital currency last year in 2020.

Platforms of digital currency trading provide users with several plans and strategies based on limit-orders and advanced algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence. For those who do not have any idea about limit orders, the limit-orders basically mean that selling and buying are automated and occur at a specific price, which is a major advantage for the traders. therefore, you should certainly invest in BTC in 2021 due to its high liquidity.

3. BTC offers increased accessibility

It should be known that any form of a financial investment is rigorous and time consuming, whether it is stocks or bonds that you are considering. Real estate serves as an example here which has a relatively higher threshold entry in the market. Due to this reason, you cannot just begin with any amount that you have but rather a significant sum would be required initially to proceed with the investment in the real estate. However, in the case of bitcoin, due to multiple subdivisions of the units of this crypto, the investor can begin with any amount that they have and then eventually increase it as their purchasing power increases.

You are not required to go through many hassles similar to the ones you are required to go through when purchasing other types of conventional financial assets. You just need to go through a few basic and simple steps such as creating an account, investing the amount of money you have and then keeping a track of your investments as they grow. Voila!


It should be known that virtual currencies have been here since almost more than ten years and are here to stay according to most experts and analysts. Its acceptance and mainstream holding is also increasing exponentially with the passage of time as it gains favor among the people all around the world. Thus, aforementioned features of Bitcoin should be enough to persuade you to proceed with your decision of investing in BTC and other crypto, given that crypto is here to stay for a long while. Therefore, if you have made the decision to invest in crypto this year, we can confirm that it’s the right choice!