Brazilian ‘Call Of Duty’ esports player murdered by fellow competitor


A Brazilian Call Of Duty Mobile esports player named Ingrid “Sol” Oliveira Bueno da Silva has been murdered by a fellow competitor, Guilherme “Flashlight” Alves Costa.

da Silva’s body was found in Costa’s home in Pirituba, São Paulo on Tuesday, February 23. Per an ESPN Brazil report, da Silva was stabbed to death the day prior. Costa has since been apprehended by the police, and has confessed to the crime.

Costa has reportedly said that his “sanity is completely fit” and that he “wanted to do [commit the murder]”. He also reportedly recorded the murder, and sent images and a video of da Silva’s body to a group called Gamers Elite via WhatsApp.

According to Screen Rant, Gamers Elite has released a statement claiming that they have no affiliation with Costa, and that they contacted authorities upon receiving the images and video from him. The group also said that Costa had sent them a PDF in which he included messages of hatred against Christians.

ESPN Brazil reported that Costa met da Silva “on the Internet”, and he’d had planned the murder before the two met in real life, plotting the crime in a notebook. This has since been seized by the police, along with a cell phone, as evidence.

da Silva was a member of the FBI Esports team. A spokesperson for the team said in a statement to Screen Rant: “She was an extraordinary person, whom we will remember every day that the sun rises, every day that the sunlight touches our body, every time we look at the Sun, we will remember her”.



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