Brisbane Broncos told not to expect any live football until September at the earliest


It could be several months until the NRL returns with the Brisbane Broncos informing their players today not to expect any matches being played until later in the year if any.

According to former NRL great Ben Ikin, Broncos CEO Paul White informed his staff yesterday to not expect any live matches until at least the beginning of September.

“The Brisbane Broncos are planning for the competition to restart no earlier than September 1 this year, with a worst-case scenario of no games in 2020,” Ikin told Fox Sports.

“And while the Rugby League Players Association continues to negotiate a pay cut for its members, Broncos players have been informed they will not be required back at training until May.”

Pay reflects on being stood down

Earlier today, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the players’ union will hold an emergency meeting with members on Thursday night to discuss substantial pay cuts and whether they’d agree to having their salary reduced by up to 80-90 per cent this year.

The NRL has been crunching numbers in the event the season is written off, with the report claiming it has just over $12 million left for player payments to be made before the end of the rugby league financial year on October 31, should the NRL fail to take the field again in that time.

That equates to $25,000 for every player for the rest of 2020 if the season is abandoned and the funds are split evenly among the players.