Choosing the Ideal DNA Sequencing Service Provider


The world of genomics has experienced profound and notable changes since 1977. Most of these changes can get attributed to the introduction of next-generation sequencing based on the sequencing-by-synthesis method. In these current times, genomics helps respond to scientific questions in pharma, research, and diagnostics, biotechnology, medical science, agriculture. And food industries.

Some of the applications of DNA sequencing include: in forensics to identify criminals on the crime scene with the help of hair, skin, and nails in the medical field to detect genes associated with some acquired or hereditary diseases, and in the agricultural sector to help increase productivity.

With so many DNA sequencing service providers such as Eurofins Genomics DNA sequencing, how do you ensure to select the best? Let’s discuss.

  1. DNA sequencing costs

Sometimes arriving at the final cost of DNA sequencing can be a challenge. That is because some of these service providers do not make their charges public. To arrive at a reliable DNA sequencing service provider, you need to search for at least five of these service companies that can meet your needs. Then, consider finding out their quotes by asking how much they charge for their DNA sequencing services.

If you’re planning to have many samples taken, you may also consider seeking these services from a DNA sequencing provider that will most likely give discounts. You may want to avoid seeking the services of DNA sequencing providers who charge unreasonably low for their services. That could mean that their services are substandard. And vice versa.

  1. DNA sequence quality

The DNA sequence quality is highly influenced by the DNA sequencing instrument used and the quality of the DNA template. When choosing a provider, you want to consider one who employs the best quality reads to process their traces. That assures you of getting reliable results.

  1. DNA sequencing turnaround time

When choosing a DNA sequencing provider, you might want to consider one who’s close to your laboratory. Or one whose shipping costs and timelines are reasonable. That means that you will not have to wait for many days before you can your results ready.

The DNA sequencing should have qualified staff and be well equipped to ensure that no delays take place.

  1. Experience

When choosing a DNA sequencing provider, you want to assess the number of years they have been in the industry. Remember, the more the number of years of experience, the better the services.

Your DNA sequencing provider should be knowledgeable on any research questions in the genomics field. Whether you need primers and probes, synthetic genes, Sanger sequencing, cell line authentication, and testing for Mycoplasma contaminations, next-generation sequencing, or CRISPR, the sequencing provider should have all this at their fingertips to help you figure out your questions.

You want to choose a DNA sequencing company with extensive experience in applying varying techniques and methods in the field of genetic analysis. That shows their reliability and commitments in offering well-researched and high-quality services to their clients.

  1. Reputation

Choosing a DNA sequencing provider with a sound reputation is crucial. The company should be known to provide reliable and high-quality results. Their services should be a competent and regulatory complaint. That ensures that clients get offered the best biological safety testing and pharmacogenomics services.

Final thoughts

It is worthy to note that DNA requirements vary considerably from one sequencing provider to another. You want to assess your needs first so you can settle for a DNA sequencing provider who can meet all your needs and requirements. That means that you will not have to waste a lot of time moving from one company to another.

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