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Virgin Radio host Chris Evans, 54, has a passion for cars and driving – he even fronted BBC’s Top Gear for one series. So fans can imagine how distraught he would be if he ever lost his ability to drive, something the radio DJ admitted could be a very real possibility if he fails his upcoming eye test.

Speaking on Wednesday morning, the popular presenter revealed that he has a PSV (Passenger Service Vehicle) license, which requires the licence holder to have an eye-test every five years.

Chris underwent the tests to be able to drive a bus a few years ago, a process he said took him “ages” to complete.

But regardless of wanting to get rid of the PSV from his licence, he still has to go for the eye test the DVLA booked for him, something he worried he would fail.

“I’ve got an eye test, bizarrely,” he told his co-stars Rachel Horne and Vassos Alexander.

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“This is to drive a bus and you’ve got to keep up your hours like a pilots license, and I’m just not going to do that.”

“I said to the DVLA, ‘It’s OK, you can remove the PSV bit off the licence,’ but they said I still have to go for an eye test!” he said, baffled.

“I don’t know anybody who’s had to have an eye test at my age just to drive a car!”

He went on to explain that the DVLA told him it was just a precautionary measure as it was already booked, but it was the results that worried the radio host.

Away from the world of cars, Chris revealed there was a new rule in the Evans’ household, after his wife Natasha implemented a little challenge for the whole family to take part in.

And despite it being tricky and perhaps painful in some cases, the radio DJ admitted if they don’t obey it they only feel like they’ve “cheated” themselves and the game.

After buying her a pull up bar for Christmas, the former Top Gear host explained she had put it up in the doorway of their bedroom, and every time someone walks past it they must hang for 10 seconds.

The exercise is known as the dead hang, and is a good to practice if you’re training to do pull ups or want to improve your upper body strength.




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