Daredevil: Matt Murdock Makes a SHOCKING Decision in Prison


In the latest issue of Daredevil, Matt Murdock makes a shocking decision that will have long lasting ramifications in the months ahead.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Daredevil #27, by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Mike Hawthorne, Adriano Di Benedetto, Marcio Menyz & VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

It looked like Knull had found the perfect weapon in Daredevil as the symbiote god took over Matt Murdock, who was sitting in prison, serving his time for the accidental death of a criminal. However, Daredevil was not to be tempted.

Knull gave Daredevil several reasons to give himself over to the dark god, but Matt has faith that makes him resistant to dark forces. Even with Knull tempting him and asking why he resisted when he could be better with Knull, Matt said he would never welcome the devil when he strives to live in God’s light. As Daredevil #27 reveals, this is all because Daredevil will never allow himself to take the easy way out and give in to the symbiote god.

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Daredevil vs Knull

As Daredevil fought both his inner demons and Knull, he was able to save the prison guards and prisoners while keeping his humanity intact. Matt Murdock did what he does best. He dismissed all temptations and indiscriminately saved lives. Afterwards, Daredevil had a chance to escape, but refused to take the easy way out. Instead, seeking to completely free himself from Knull’s symbiote, Matt strapped himself into an electric chair.

Knull attempted to stop Daredevil from going through with what he was planning by stopping him from pulling the lever that would unleash the eletrical current. However, one prisoner Matt saved earlier returned and saw what he was attempting. The prisoner pulled the lever and sent the electrical current flowing through Daredevil, frying the symbiote and driving it off the hero. Thankfully Matt survived the ordeal, taking his attrition one step further than any hero could be expected and coming out of it with his morality intact.

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Daredevil electric chair

Matt Murdock’s devout commitment to doing the right thing and punishing himself for doing wrong is nothing new for the vigilante. From his days showing his Catholic guilt, Daredevil refused to accept that anything he did in his career as Hell’s Kitchen’s protector ever purged him of any perceived sins he committed in his life. Matt blames himself every time someone he loves is hurt or dies, and he punishes himself more than almost any other hero. Previews and solicits for upcoming issues show that Matt will continue needlessly punishing himself, as he will continue to serve his prison sentence despite having proved his heroism by saving everyone in the prison during Knull’s attack.

Many people have died throughout the years that the heroes of Marvel have fought crime. However, these deaths are most often collateral damage. In Daredevil’s case, there is no such thing as collateral damage or accidental deaths. He blames himself for everything, and even after saving countless lives in his prison stay and likely earning himself a pardon, Matt is not someone who will take the easy way out. Matt refused to let the court find him not guilty and asked to serve his prison sentence, vowing to stay the entire time. In the eyes of Matt Murdock, enduring the punishment for his perceived sins is an undeniable part of being a hero, and his unshakable resolve ensures that he will in most likely see his sentence through to the end.

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