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Data science offers a number of job opportunities, but before getting into that, it is important to know what it really is. Data science refers to a field that uses scientific techniques, algorithms, and processes to obtain knowledge and insights from data. These systems then generate insights that can be used by analysts and business users. It is the domain of study that deals with huge volumes of data using modern techniques to find hidden patterns, obtain valuable information and make business decisions. Data science is an ever-evolving field with many lucrative advantages. Due to high demand, it has opened up a number of opportunities, and it is important that you learn from only the best data science courses in India.

Business analytics is the process of gathering, storing, and analyzing data and helps a business to enhance its efficiency and increase its revenue. It provides data-driven recommendations by bridging the gap between information technology and business by using analytics. A business analyst acts as a communicator or mediator and looks for the best ways to increase effectiveness through analytic solutions, strategies, and more. Data scientists use machine learning algorithms to numbers, videos, audio, images and extract various conclusions from them, and it is imperative to learn from the best online institute for data science and business analytics.

Advantages of data science:

  1. In demand: As organizations maintain themselves through data-driven insights, there is a steady demand for data science professionals. According to Indeed’s report, there has been a 233% increase in demand for data scientists. It is also estimated that it will create 11.5 million jobs by 2026. Some of its related career opportunities include data scientist, data analyst, analytic manager, business analyst, etc.
  2. A highly paid career: Labeled as the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’ by Harvard University, it is one of the most paid jobs. According to the Robert Half Salary Report, the annual average salary of a data scientist is $129,000.
  3. Versatility: It is referred to as one of the most versatile skills of the 21st century. It has various applications. It is largely used in banking, healthcare, consultancy services, and e-commerce industries.
  4. Hiring benefits: Data science has made it way easier to classify and prioritize data and look for top candidates for a company. The process of selection of CVs and aptitude tests has been made easier for recruitment teams using big data and data mining.
  5. Makes better products: With the help of machine learning, data science has allowed industries to design better products, specially customised according to the customer’s needs.

Careers in Data Science:

For four years in a row, Glassdoor has named data science the number one job in the United States. Data science allows you to make an impact, not only within your company but even on a global level and with the lucrative advantages it offers, there are a number of career opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of statisticians in data science-related jobs is predicted to grow 33.8% from 2016 to 2026.

Even though data science-related occupations enjoy excellent job prospects, there are many companies reporting that they struggle to find highly skilled workers. In today’s world, about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are processed every day. This huge amount of data can be arranged and analyzed by a data scientist. All in all, data science is a combination of mathematics, computer science, and statistics.

Following are the data science related job opportunities:

  • Data Scientist:

A data scientist is an executive who is responsible for compiling, processing, and analyzing huge amounts of data. The term ‘data scientist’ is sometimes confused with the term ‘data analyst’, but that is not how it is.

Data scientists must know how to blend the information pertaining to mathematics, business strategies, and computer science. These complex skills, when put together, allow them to be available in the business world and information technology sector at the same time. They should also be proficient in the following programs: Python, SAS, R, Matlab, Spark, Hive, Pig, and SQL. Due to all these extensive knowledge requirements, many companies face extreme difficulties when it comes to recruiting a skilled data scientist.

  • Data Analyst:

A data scientist’s role is to accumulate, process, and analyze data in order to help companies make better decisions. He helps in showing a clear picture of where the business stands in the market.

A certified data analyst will have a proper and deep understanding of Python, HTML, C+, SQL, and R. They are also responsible for identifying and keeping up with trends within industries.

  • Marketing Analyst:

A marketing analyst’s role is to assist companies in making knowledgeable decisions in their marketing sector. They determine the kind of product a company should produce and the way they should sell it. They recommend what product they should produce in large quantities and which ones they should terminate. They also decide the price and develop marketing strategies so that the products reach the targeted audience.

  • Data Engineer:

Data engineering is different from other data science-related career opportunities because instead of working on processing and analysis of the data, it rather focuses on the hardware and systems that facilitate a company’s working. This makes it act as the backbone of the organization. They build, design, and manage a large database.

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FAQs on Data Science and Related Job Opportunities:

Q1. Which language is used in data science?

Ans: The most widely used language in data science is Python. It is a general-purpose coding language that is easy to learn and has been around since 1991.

Q2. Is data science a good career?

Ans: Data science has been named as the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’, and its popularity and scope are only growing with each passing day. It is also one of the most highly paid jobs in the world, and since the supply is less than the demand, it has a lot of opportunities to offer.

Q3. Can data science be useful in saving lives?

Ans: Healthcare is one of the many applications of data science. It can help in accurate diagnosis, prevention, and drug development. You can predict a patient’s rate of survival based on his/her behaviour.

Q4: What jobs can you get with a data science degree?

Ans: Some of the jobs you can get with a data science degree are as follows: Data Scientist, Data Architect, Marketing Analyst, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Scientist, Infrastructure Architect, Data Engineer, etc.


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