DC Future State Hints Two Justice Leaguers Are Dating


There’s already been a lot to process in the pages of Future State, the two-month DC Comics event that has reinvigorated its lore in some fascinating ways. Among these is the creation of a new Justice League, which combines well-known legacy characters from the DC universe and newly-created heroes. The pages of Future State: Justice League #1 provided a fascinating look into what the team’s dynamic is — and it seemed to hint that two of the team’s members might be romantically involved. Spoilers for Future State: Justice League #1, from Joshua Williamson, Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Tom Napolitano below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue opens by establishing the members of the titular team, who have become beloved throughout the world for their superhero exploits. The team is suddenly brought to the grounds of the old Hall of Justice, where the Legion of Doom appear to have been brutally murdered. Along the way, readers get an indication of the team’s dynamic — which, thanks to the Justice League charters that were established after a tragic fight with the original League, prevent team members from fraternizing outside of their team-ups.

Throughout the sequence, it’s clear that Andy Curry/Aquawoman and Jess Chambers/Kid Quick have some sort of established rapport — one that pays off further in the issue. As Andy prepares dinner and does the Atlantean equivalent of video chatting with her parents, she is surprised by the arrival of Jess, who makes themselves comfortable in Andy’s Amnesty Bay lighthouse. Andy reminds Jess that she’s repeatedly told them to be careful, and Jess responds by revealing that they wanted to make sure Andy was okay. The two of them continue to chat, and Jess points out that Andy has broken the rules of the no-fraternizing charter in order for them to see each other.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

When the pair are then attacked by Jon Kent/Superman and Yara Flor/Wonder Woman – or, really, members of the Hyperclan who have transformed into them – Jess gets hurt in the process, prompting Andy to quickly attack and try to get revenge.

While the issue doesn’t say it outright, there certainly are hints that Andy and Jess seem to have some sort of romantic connection. Not only does that possibility add a complicated wrinkle to the League’s rules, but it also adds some endearing queer representation to the DC universe, with Jess already making history as the first non-binary speedster.

What do you think of Aquawoman and The Flash potentially dating in the pages of Future State: Justice League? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!




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