Dungeons & Dragons’ Favorite Druid Just Defeated Evil With… Cuteness!?


In Dungeons & Dragons: At the Spine of the World, Belvyre just used the spell wild shape to transform into the most adorable little sneak ever.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Dungeons & Dragons: At the Spine of the World #3 by Aimee Garcia, AJ Mendez, Martin Coccolo, Katrina Mae Hao and Neil Uyetake, on sale now.

Where the intrepid heroes of Dungeons & Dragons: At the Spine of the World left off, the party had been divided. Amos had betrayed the party, kidnapping the druid Belvyre as compensation for his “Boss” and leaving the party for dead. But while they were dealing with the effects of Amos’ failed chardalynn mining operation, Belvyre had to contend with his kidnapper. To escape his clutches, he used the druid spell Wild Shape to transform into the creature that would protect him: A tiny little kitten.

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To Amos, Belvyre represented a second chance. While his affiliation of ties to “The Boss” are still not quite clear, what is certain is that Amos fears his wrath, more so than he does the three party members he left for dead in the snow. So Belvyre’s abilities, the magic that he can use to grow plants in the harshest of conditions, makes him a perfect offering to Amos’ boss. The only problem with this plan is that Belvyre is rightfully angry about being kidnapped by Amos.

The warlock tried to make it seem like his plan would be the path to greatness, killing a few people to save thousands is nothing in his eyes. But Belvyre has no reason to trust this, from his point of view, Amos killed his friends and now wants him to serve something only referred to as a volcanic primordial shard. Rather than sit there and listen to Amos drivel on about serving the greater good when he was obviously trying to save his own skin, Belvyre seized the first opportunity to escape, using the spell Wild Shape to transform into a kitten.

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This was an interesting choice on Belvyre’s part. The spell Wild Shape is something unique to the Druid class in Dungeons & Dragons. It allows the caster to transform into any animal they have encountered in the past, but with some caveats. While in this form, the user cannot speak or cast spells of any kind. They also gain the stats of the animal they selected (their strengths, weaknesses, and health). But the spell only lasts for a few hours, equal to half that of a character’s level. And considering that Belvyre is still within the single digits of his character progression, that does not leave him with a lot of time to make good use of this spell.

So why choose it then? Logically, gaining the stats of cat make him much better equipped to sneak his way to freedom. Cats have a bonus to stealth in this game after all. But since Belvyre knew there was the risk of being caught, there might be a secondary reason. While in this state, the only way to undo it is to wait it out, voluntarily undo it, or knock Belvyre out. And until either of these things happen, he cannot perform any sort of magic, the exact thing Amos wants from him. So his choice of spell is not only a means of escape but also a contingency to buy himself some time to escape his enemies.

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