E-Bikes Vs. Traditional Bikes


It can be quite confusing to decide on a bike to buy. There have been massive improvements in the cycling industry evidenced by the advent of e-bikes. These bikes make use of a battery-powered motor system which makes pedaling past effortless. They have slowly replaced traditional bikes due to how enjoyable it is to ride an electric bike. This article is aimed at showing you the major differences between traditional bikes and e-bikes. We would be checking how they differ from design to mechanics. So, keep reading because this would be of great help to you.

What Are Their Differences?

There are several factors that must be considered before you choose between a normal bike or an e-bike. But first, you need to understand why you need the bicycle. It is more advisable to buy an electric commuter bike if you want to travel long distances. But for short distances, a traditional bike should work. No matter how difficult the terrain is, e-bikes provide you with extra help through the motor. So, you only need to exert minimal effort while using these. It is also important to know the cost of both types of bikes, in order to pick which one best suits your budget.

  1. Similar Yet Different

It is likely that you do not notice any differences between e-bikes and normal bikes. This is because e-bikes are normal bikes with an electric motor. So, the major difference is the addition of an electrical drive system that helps with propelling the bicycle forward. Ebikes also has a battery that powers the motor and sometimes, a display screen.

Generally, e-bikes and traditional bikes are very similar in appearance. They both have the same kind of wheels, handlebars, and frames with pedals and brakes that function similarly. Green electric bikes are an interesting and eco-friendly option to explore.

  1. Maintenance and Repairs

Ebikes and traditional bikes have quite similar parts, so their maintenance and repairing them follow almost the same process. This means the costs of repairs and servicing are also within the same range. If there are any faults with the wheels or brakes, you can take your e-bike to the same repairs shop as a regular bike.

However, the cost of repairs could increase if there is a problem with the motorized components of your ebike. In that case, you would require the services of an e-bike specialist to perform the repairs. There are rarely any defects with the electrical system, while many companies even give you a warranty for these types of repairs. KBO Breeze electric bikes are very durable.

  1. A Unique Riding Experience

You cannot distinctly tell apart how it feels to ride both bicycles. Because riding an e-bike is not so different from any other. The major distinction however is the ease of riding an e-bike. As soon as you climb and start pedaling, the more sets in. Although it doesn’t change the feel of riding much, it only makes it simpler. This in itself improves the experience of riding a commuter electric bike.

You can even change your pedal assistance to get different feels when riding. Dialing it down increases the effort your legs make in moving your bike. But if it is set to full assistance, the motor bears most of the work. All you have to do is follow the pedaling motions and cycle with your legs. Nothing feels better than this on a cool breezy evening.

  1. How Fast Are They?

You would believe that with how efficient e-bikes are, they would be generally faster than traditional bikes. But this depends on how quickly you want to reach your destination. An e-bike motor moves at 20-28 MPH primarily, but you can achieve more speed by pedaling with your legs. It is important to correct the notion that e-bikes guarantee you speed. A 500W electric bike can go as fast as 20 MPH.

Electric bikes are not so different from traditional bikes because they both only move as fast as the rider wishes. Instead, e-bikes help you ride for longer at minimal effort, so you can maintain your energy for long periods. They allow you to ride at a constant rate and still build up speed if necessary. Therefore, speed is not a major difference between both types of bikes. But when you need to speed, e-bikes represent a stress-free option.

  1. Rules Of Use

The rules associated with using traditional and e-bikes could be quite different. All bikes are considered as a motorized means of transport, therefore they are bound by traffic laws and rules. They are subject to speed and power limits, which many do not follow. There are laws in each state such as the compulsory use of helmets, the minimum age to ride an e-bike. So, you should understand that motorized transport means more safety measures should be imbibed to prevent fatal accidents. As a biker, you should consider the route you frequent most regularly to be sure of the best choice of bicycle for you.

Which Bike Is Best For Me?

Picking the perfect bicycle is largely dependent on what you want to get and why. Right now, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to bikes. Then, you can also enjoy more ease with electric bikes. For short trips, you could buy a traditional bike, while longer distances could be thoroughly enjoyed with electric city bikes.

If you are finding it hard to choose the bike to purchase, this article should serve as a concise guide to the differences between traditional and e-bikes. Equipped with this knowledge, you can make an informed choice on your preferred bike. People of any age can try out cycling to exercise and keep fit. Also, being mobile gives you freedom of movement and helps you get to your destination on time. Reach out to us for more information on the best bikes available in the market and how to get yours.