EPL legend Cesc Fabregas discusses Wenger, Guardiola, Mourinho and more



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Fabregas had the honour of playing under Wenger, Mourinho and Guardiola“>
Fabregas had the honour of playing under Wenger, Mourinho and Guardiola

EPL legend Cesc Fabregas opened up on a wide range of topics in an interview with former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand. Fabregas represented Arsenal and Chelsea in the EPL and also had a stint with boyhood club Barcelona in between, before moving to AS Monaco in 2019.

While he is fondly remembered for his time with Arsenal in the Fabregas won the EPL title with Chelsea in 2015.

In an exclusive interview with Rio Ferdinand for the Englishman’s YouTube channel, the former EPL midfielder shed light on what it was like to play under Arsene Wenger.

“I think Arsene Wenger is the best coach for young players, I can’t see anyone better. He gives you opportunities, teaches you how to play and behave. He has a certain ability of how to spend time with players and teach them exactly how he wants his teams to play.”

Fabregas burst on to the scene in the EPL under Wenger, having made his debut in 2003 as a 17-year-old.

EPL legends discuss Pep, Jose and Wenger

The former EPL midfielder lavished praise on the Frenchman, who he referred to as the best coach for young players.

“People don’t have patience these days because the press is always on you, but he had patience. If you played a bad game, he would always give you another opportunity. He never shakes under pressure and that’s not easy.

“I love the way he understands football. It’s the time I felt the most free and could express myself, because he taught me and trusted me.”

Fabregas was made club captain in 2008 and represented the EPL outfit for three more years, before moving to Barcelona in 2011.

Fabregas played under Guardiola at Barcelona before moving to Chelsea“>
Fabregas played under Guardiola at Barcelona before moving to Chelsea

Fabregas explained the Pep Guardiola’s philosophy and praised the Spaniard’s tactical know-how.

“Pep is the most tactical manager I have worked with. He loves his structure and believes in his philosophy. He always had great teams and believed that if you played the ball quick and at the right time, you will find the guy that is free and make the difference.”

“What I like about him in that he changes tactics three times in one game. He is sensational because he spent so many hours in the training ground. You need to be intelligent to play for Pep. If not, he will not sign you!”

While his Barcelona stint ended prematurely, Fabregas returned to the EPL in 2014. Much to the anguish of Arsenal fans, the Spaniard signed for the Gunners’ EPL arch-rivals Chelsea.

Fabregas won the EPL title with Chelsea under Mourinho“>
Fabregas won the EPL title with Chelsea under Mourinho

Fabregas won the EPL title under Jose Mourinho, who he described as the manager who worked with his mind the best.

“Jose is the coach who only has one system tactically but he works on it very well. He wants specific players for what he wants. He is the coach who played with my mind better. He is a great coach for great players.”

“He sends you messages after the game and there always some give and take with Jose. He was the one who worked with my mind the best. He stimulates his players.”

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