Has xQc Been Banned On The NoPixel GTA Server? Here’s the Latest Drama


Has xQc been banned on NoPixel?

Summit1G and xQc are the latest Twitch streamers to be caught up in drama after a scuffle on NoPixel, a GTA role-playing server. The pair have lashed out at each other after xQc accused Summit1G of ‘metagaming’. A Twitch clip can be found below, showing xQc’s outburst after being killed on the NoPixel GTA server. Be warned, xQc says some not safe for work words.

Who Is xQc?

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is French Canadian Twitch streamer and a former professional Overwatch player. xQc is an incredibly popular internet streamer, with over seven million followers on Twitch alone. 

Has xQc Been Banned On NoPixel?

As of writing, xQc hasn’t been banned from the NoPixel server. But there is a whole lot of drama that could eventually lead to his ban. It wouldn’t be the first time that the former Overwatch professional had been banned from a GTA RP server. Here’s how the drama unfolded.

On February 20, xQc and Summit1G were playing on the official NoPixel GTA RP server. xQc had attempted to set up a roadblock with other players, in order to stop Summit1G from passing through. His plan had worked, until Summit and his crew decided they were going to kill xQc and ruin his master plan. xQc then proceeded to get quite heated as he made claims of Summit ‘metagaming’.

Metagaming is essentially when viewers give streamers information they shouldn’t have, such as the whereabouts of another player. Of course, it’s up to the streamer if they choose to use this information or ignore it and stick to the rules of the server. If xQc’s claims of metagaming are to be believed, it’s likely that Summit’s chat told him about the roadblock in advance.

When Summit got word of xQc’s rage-infused rant, he said “How I see the whole thing is, you reap what you sow. If you’re going to mess with a whole group of racing people and you don’t, what do you expect?”. Summit essentially said that if he’s going to be messed with on an RP server, then he’s going to mess with you back. The two could both be seen to be in the wrong. xQc shouldn’t have been messing with another group involved in a race, while Summit shouldn’t have been metagaming by listening to his chat.

What Is GTA RP?

There are many Grand Theft Auto Roleplaying servers around, which aim to give the game a bit more personality and purpose. If you want to join an RP server, you’ll need to install some mods to enable you to play as a cop, criminal, shop owner and many more. There’s plenty of tutorials online, so if you’re looking to spice up your GTA experience, a roleplaying server could be for you. Be warned, hardcore RP players take it very seriously. As you can tell.



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