Here’s What You Should Know About Health Insurance For Senior Citizens


Those having old parents at home know how vital it is to be financially prepared for handling any emergency medical expenses, considering that old age increases health risks. Hence, investing in a health insurance cover for parents is a decision one must take without any delay. Health insurance for senior citizens is the right choice if your parents are above 60 years of age. Many reputed health insurers, such as Care Health Insurance, provide customised senior citizen health cover at affordable premium rates.

In this age of medical inflation, getting medical insurance is a wise choice to make. Ageing increases the risks of ailments, such as heart diseases and diabetes, and medical conditions like cataract. One is more likely to spend a lot on such medical treatments. Without medical insurance, it can be financially stressful.

Every senior citizen deserves a healthy life and the access to quality healthcare when needed. With a senior citizen health cover, one would get comprehensive insurance coverage for various treatment expenses incurred when caring for their elderly parents.

Let us understand the various benefits and features of senior citizen health insurance and some tips for choosing the best policy.

Main Features and Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Hospitalization: Whether it is a planned surgery/treatment or any medical emergency, the policy will cover hospitalization up to the sum insured. The coverage includes room rent, ICU charges, doctor’s fee, ambulance charges, etc.

Day Care Treatment: This policy will cover advanced daycare surgeries and procedure. These are procedures that do not need a hospital stay of more than a day.

Pre and Post hospitalization: Treatment for any illness often starts much before the actual hospitalization. It may continue for some days, even after the patient is discharged from the hospital. The senior citizen health policy will cover medical expenses incurred during pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization for 30 days and 60 days, respectively.

Domiciliary Treatment: There are situations when there is a necessity for availing medical treatment at home. Domiciliary treatment is one of the benefits to look for when buying health insurance for senior citizens.

Annual Health Check-up: This feature greatly helps your parents to monitor their medical condition with ease. They can avail this benefit once in a policy year at any network hospital or healthcare facility empanelled with the insurer.

Cashless Hospitalization: Your parents can get immediate medical treatment in an emergency, thanks to the cashless facility. They can access cashless hospitalization at the nearest network hospital of the insurer.

Pre-existing diseases Coverage: Often, older people have high chances of dealing with a pre-existing condition. In such scenarios, a senior citizen health plan will cover pre-existing diseases after the defined waiting period is over.

Alternate Treatment: Many senior citizens find alternative modes of treatment suitable and safe. The best senior citizen health plan also covers alternate treatments, which is a significant advantage.

Tips to Read before Choosing Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

  • When selecting health insurance for your elderly parents, ensure that you have chosen a high sum insured. It is necessary since the chances of medical emergencies and hospitalization increases during old age. Thus, having adequate coverage will provide you with the required financial back-up.
  • Consider the waiting period factor. Many policies have a longer waiting period for pre-existing diseases, while some have a lower wait Compare some options before making a decision.
  • Senior citizen health insurance plans have a co-payment clause, which means that the policyholder has to bear a certain per cent of every claim made. Again, a fair comparison will help you find the best option that works for you.
  • There are senior citizen health plans that one can get without any pre-policy medical tests. Find out and opt for such plans so that you quickly get a policy online.
  • Finally, read the policy terms and conditions, including the claims procedures. That will help you eliminate any hassle when filing claims.