How Holidays Impact Sales Trends and Brand Growth


Holidays are a great opportunity for business owners to set and spot consumer trends while increasing brand awareness. Whether you’re running a startup or an established business, the products sold during the holidays are great indicators of consumer demand and interests. If you’re a business owner looking at ways to help your brand or want to know how to make a profit off of holiday trends, read on.

Valentine’s Day


With Christmas and other, bigger holidays behind us, Valentine’s Day will be the next opportunity for businesses to jump on consumer buying trends. To make the most of Cupid’s big day, think about ways to tie your product to Valentine’s Day classics like Valentine’s Day plants. For example, if your brand is all about sustainability and eco-friendly living, think about how you could market green plants as a great gift for Valentine’s Day. It’s that simple. The first step is looking at your brand, and the next is tying it to an upcoming holiday.

The same can be said for holidays past. If you noticed more sales on electronics this Christmas, likely due to the pandemic and social gathering restrictions, you could take your same business and brand and look into sales on apps or software related to love. Even if your brand doesn’t sell technology, sponsoring a company that does is a way to get the word about your brand and business out there while giving both Cupid and Santa a nod.

Digital Marketing


Whether seeking advice from an SEO expert like Manick Bhan or buying the best tools to help your Google analytics, one way to make the most of your brand, both before and after the holiday season, is to make the most of your digital marketing. It may sound cliché, but customers can only really know your brand by what you tell and show them. The next step in using the holidays to build brand awareness is to take those same holiday marketing and brand tie plans, and get them out there.

That is, you’ll want to use social media to market those green plants. Hire a good graphic artist to tie an herbal garden in the shape of Cupid’s wings, or place the plants next to a couple holding hands. There are ways to make your product a top priority and keep happy customers while tying your marketing to the holidays and staying true to your brand. While it may require a stretch of the imagination and some creative thinking about your brand, the pay off will be worth it. Using the technology example, you could offer customers incentives to spread the word about your brand or business, too. Maybe you could hold a Valentine’s Day contest for the customer who takes the best Cupid-inspired picture of a product made by you.

Trending Brand Growth


Before you get too creative and enlist the help of social media and other marketing agencies, consider ways to spot trends you can tie to your brand. Look for trending hashtags, pay attention to the competition, and do a Google search on ‘most popular items this Valentine’s season.’ This will point you in the direction of what consumers are interested in and quickly get you on the right track toward tying your brand to the holiday ahead.

In the end, by watching consumer trends and using them to apply to your brand, business owners can find that sweetheart formula to meeting customer needs while increasing profit and brand awareness. By using search engines and other services to spot and track trends, making the most of digital marketing to get the word about your brand out there, and finding that holiday hook, your upcoming sales are bound to be a success. Happy branding and selling to you!

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