How to Easily Play DVD Movie on Windows 10?


DVD Playback on Windows 10 – A Hassle

Gone are the days when DVD used to be a frequently and commonly used medium for the sake of playing and viewing video content. While Windows 10 has its perks and features, you may be disappointed to know that it does not support the DVD format. This means that the pile of DVD drives you have in your drawer simply cannot be played on the Windows Media Player in your computer without going through some acrobatics to make it work.

One option that you have in regards to this issue is to pay $15 to get the dedicated Windows DVD Player but there are several limitations associated with this product that make this investment not worth the hassle. Your drive may give you trouble reading or decoding the DVD disk, the playback may freeze up, and it may not be compatible to run DVDs from foreign regions.

Fortunately, the modern day provides modern solutions. Here are the top two methods you can use to fix DVD movie not playing on Windows 10 issue:

The Top Two Ways to Play DVD

First Solution: Use 5KPlayer

One route you can go is to download the 5KPlayer, the top DVD player for Windows 10. One of the major benefits of 5KPlayer is that it is absolutely free to download and use. Not to mention it is compatible with DVDs originating from all regions, plays video content in HD quality, and supports a multitude of formats including ISO and video-TS.

Second Solution: Use WinX DVD Ripper (Recommended)

But an even better route to opt for than using 5KPlayer is to go for the WinX DVD Ripper. WinX DVD Ripper is a multifunctional, all supporting, and holistic Windows 10 DVD ripping solution that takes away all of your concerns. With the help of the incredibly intuitive interface of the WinX Ripper software, you can digitize your DVDs by converting them into MP4 videos with the click on a button. In this way, you immortalize your DVD videos into a modern format that is compatible with any and all media players.

WinX DVD Ripper also grants you access to a number of additional features that further facilitate your DVD watching and modification experience. Regardless of how scratched, damaged, dirty, or old your DVD disk may be, this Ripper can rip anything you throw at it to give you crystal clear playback on your Windows 10 system. It also overrides DVD encryptions like 99-title, CSS encryption and new UOP, Sony ARccOS, and Disney X-project among others. You can then save the dig

ital version of your DVD video on your computer, on an external hard drive, or a USB to watch it directly.

How Can You Rip DVD to MP4

The actual process of ripping your DVD video into a digital copy is extremely simple- all you need to do is follow these three easy steps:

Step 1:

First of all, put your DVD disc in the drive and then launch the WinX DVD Ripper software on your computer. The freeware will select the right title automatically.

Step 2:

Where you are given the options to choose the output format in the Output Profile window, select MP4.

Step 3:

Select the destination folder or the ripped DVD video and click on RUN to start the conversion process which will only take a few minutes to complete.

Voila! Your DVD has been converted into the MP4 format and is now ready to be watched through any media player on any Windows 10 system.

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