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How to Modify Android Apps and Games for Unlimited features by using Lucky Patcher


Modification and customization have been popular from the beginning of the era of the smartphones. No one wants to keep their drawer, launcher, apps etc. the way it has arrived with the Android phone. As a result, hundreds of apps are and being built by android enthusiastic to satisfy the current demand. There are varieties of apps available for such specific purpose on play store. However, apps available on third-party stores are more powerful which actually generates the results. Of course, play store won’t allow apps which need to deal with android OS.

Lucky Patcher_1Lucky Patcher is one of the most widely popular apps for modifying almost all android apps and games. One can say, lucky patcher is a kind of platform which manipulates the parent app’s features and modifies it according to our need. Isn’t it amazing if we can use all premium feature of apps that we can only have if we actually pay for it? The answer will be, of course!

So, one obvious question will arrive what paid features we are talking about, right? Because discussing further, let me remind you that it needs to root your android device. Rooting has become a simple thing to do as there are many resources available. Or, we also use lucky for pc if you don’t want to play with your device. Starting from removing irritating ads appearance from freely available apps, patching all (kind of) android apps and games for getting unlimited coins, chips etc to bypassing premium license verification from specific apps and a lot more can be attained by lucky patcher.

Which magic that Lucky Patcher can accomplish?

As previously mentioned, lucky patcher can do wonders if properly used. Let we dig it more.

  • It lets you entirely control any of the applications installed on your phone
  • It allows you to create modified apk file so that you can directly install it instead of modifying every time.
  • It allows you to remove unwanted ads emerging on apps while usage.
  • It has amazing features of restore and back up of your any/all android apps.
  • Using lucky patcher, you can have unlimited coins, chips, health, weapon etc. which are paid.
  • It prevents license verification of any android apps.
  • It lest you uninstall any system apps which are occupying storage.
  • It also allows you to customize the appearance of your smartphone.

It seems lucky patcher for android can really do amazing things. But, how we can actually do that with the help of lucky patcher? Let’s discuss in brief.

How to modify android apps using Lucky Patcher

If you are android users and know how to download, install and run any android apps; then it is gonna be your cup of tea. Follow the exact stepwise procedure.

Step One: Download lucky patcher apk from official website

Step Two: Install lucky patcher app and allow SuperSu access.

Step Three: Select the application that you want to modify.

Step Four: When you click on it, choose open menu of patches.

Step Five: Create a modified apk file and choose apk rebuilded for in-app.

Step Six: Click on rebuild the app and after taking little, you will get the success message.

Following way, you will have modified apk. Just install it and you will be able to run the app on your own way.

How to patch in-app purchase using Lucky Patcher

Step One: Open lucky patcher and choose app whose in-app purchase patching is preferred. (assuming you have installed lucky patcher)

Step Two: You will get the open menu for patcher after taping on that app. (same as step four of above)

Step Three: Now select support patch for in-app and lvl emulation.

Step Four: After clicking on apply, it will load some time to patch.

Step Five: Just reboot your device and you’re done!

Lucky Patcher_2Wrapping up,

If you are iOS user and willing to use lucky patcher for iPhone, you can pull some tricks too. So, using lucky patcher, you can do pretty good tasks. However, care must be taken while patching apps using lucky patcher as something might occur during modification. It is completely safe to use lucky patcher for Android devices because we are just fixing app’s features to operate them in our own way. Have a great usage ahead!

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