Inside Kiana Valenciano’s “No Rush” music video with The A-Team


As a welcome breaker, Kiana Valenciano dropped the official MV for “No Rush” over the weekend. Allow it to play as you accomplish your work-from-home load today.

The song, released under Tarsier Records, features Billy Davis. The artist/producer has worked with international acts like Goldlink, RUEL, Brockhampton, and Jessica Mauboy along with our local faves James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

The video shows off styling by Pam Quiñones, a mod blue eyeshadow look, and Kiana’s dance moves with The A-Team. Something to practice for a Tik Tok post later, don’t you think?

We caught up with Jana Mahusay and Nica Santos of The A-Team (you’ll notice them on either side of Kiana in the video!) for some insider details.

How long did it take you to work on the video? Where did you shoot?
Jana: We all learned the choreography and blocking in just a day. We had two extra rehearsals to master everything and just get comfortable with what we were doing. The whole video shoot happened in just a day, as well! We shot in the beautiful Palacio De Memoria in Parañaque.

What were your pre-shoot rituals for ‘No Rush’?
Nica: We always rehearse the steps and practice it like we are in front of the camera. Of course, for us ladies, angles are very important! We made sure that we are on the same page with the vibe. Individually, we have different personalities that make us unique and stand out, so we just need to work together as a group and meet halfway—how we will project our movements and how we will connect with the artist and the camera.

What was the vibe of the shoot? 
Jana: It really was so much fun. To be honest, it didn’t feel like we were working at all. Everyone was kind and welcoming. The vibe was very relaxed, and everyone had mutual respect. We, the dancers, were very much taken care of, too. I truly felt like we were respected as the artists that we are.

Kiana is an absolute joy to work with and dance with. She is such a hardworking, talented artist, and truly a force to be reckoned with. But the best part is that she is overflowing with confidence and humility.

How did you develop the routine for the music video? How long did it take to finalize?

Nica: Coach MJ Arda, A-Team director and coach, choreographed the whole thing. The routine is a masterpiece. We love it so much that we learned the piece in just one rehearsal! I guess the team has that genuine bond that the process went fast and smooth. We master the steps with Kiana in two rehearsals. She’s so easy to work with!

Overall, the whole journey was short and fun! A memorable one for all of us.


Photo courtesy of Tarsier Records on Instagram


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