Introducing Femtech


Women’s health is a topic that has been put on the back burner throughout history. As awareness of this inequality has grown, we have seen a boom in technology aimed at improving women’s health. These technologies are known as femtech and make use of diagnostics, software, artificial intelligence, products and services to make a positive impact on women’s health. Millions of people make use of health apps and some of these have been excellent ways for women to understand and take control of their health. Think of these FemTech products as a sort of personal Managed IT Services Solution in your back pocket, helping you to manage the things you need to manage. There are apps that help with tracking your menstrual cycle, fertility apps, at home hormone tests and even new products like the silent breast pump by the woman owned company Elvie.

These apps not only help women understand and gain control of their own health, the data collected by these companies provide important data for research in women’s health. The data collected ranges from hormone changes to menstrual patterns and links to birth control. This is data that researchers have previously never had access to.

Presagen, an Australian company has shown just how much AI can bring to the table. They have scalable AI technology that is specifically designed to be low cost, allowing it to be used all around the world. They have developed IVF technology that uses AI to analyze embryos and only select the healthiest, to ensure a higher success rate in pregnancy. Have you taken advantage of any specialized tech products? Businesses do this too, for example a business in the UK might want personalized IT Support Croydon Offerings if that’s where they’re based. The AI technology has been so successful that it received the Frost & Sullivan’s Global New Product Innovation Award in 2019.

Even with all this growth, there are still challenges that the femtech industry struggles with. We still live in a male dominated world which has caused there to be less female representation in decision making. There is a gap in funding for new development, especially in areas that are known for being low-income. Accounting Firms and those who work in the finance industry know how important it is to ensure you’re saving money, having a trusted IT Support for Accountants Solution in place is one way to do that. Lack of access to technology in regions that are low-income makes it difficult to expand the use of new tech. One of the largest contributing factors is what is known as pink tax. This is the name given to a levy that has been placed on products which are marketed for women.

There is still much being developed in the femtech world and it will continue to grow. Femtech also aims to continue educating women, destigmatize feminine issues and promote access to feminine products. There are companies that use AI to produce reusable menstrual products for women, which not only increases access but helps save the environment at the same time.

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