Is Facebook Analytics effective for B2C Targeted Marketing?


With the rise in social media platforms, social media marketing has become more than necessary for B2C businesses. The social media posts help engage the customers and gain their trust, emphasizing personal touch. Social media platforms offer a perfect space for companies to move forward with their ideas and engage the target audiences to improve sales. Due to its approach, social media marketing is often termed an easy and inexpensive method of increasing brand visibility and sharing product information with the target markets.

How can you define the power of Facebook?

Of all social media platforms, Facebook is considered as the SMM giant. As per a study conducted by the content marketing institute back in 2014, it was revealed that Facebook is a powerful social marketing platform. With around 2.45 million users spending their quality time scrolling through the news feed, user engagement’s frequency and regularity offer the top advertising minds an outstanding opportunity.

As the Facebook users are connected to a vast list of friends, once they are engaged to your business website, it is very likely to open up the route for your brand name to reach the exponentially broader audience. With increased interaction on the posts via commenting and sharing, any B2C business’s reach becomes broader. It serves as an open space to engage the users with compelling content that directly interacts with them. If you have a blog, Facebook can allow you to highlight your fantastic range, bringing in direct web traffic.

What are the advantages of Facebook for B2C marketing?

Facebook offers a lot of benefits to B2C business, which you can utilize at every stage of the sales funnel for increased sales. Here are the few reasons which make it the best choice over all the other digital channels.

It helps in reaching a broader audience 

Facebook is home to the most extensive user base. As per the statistics of July 2020, it is the most widely used social media platform, ranking after Google in terms of the number of search users. It allows the business to work with a merely broad audience and connects with users across several demographics. You can easily target the audience of a particular age range based on your product.

It aligns both B2B and B2C businesses

Do you know that Facebook advertising is an excellent option for B2B as well as B2C businesses? Yes, you read, write. Facebook allows B2B companies to run successful campaigns. On a usual note, this business’s typical decision-makers spend 74% more time on Facebook than general users. It is because the B2B space is very competitive. To ensure complete utilization of this social media platform, these marketers need to be very aggressive.

However, the right targeting practice, advertisement with required details, messaging, and off-Facebook experience on your website can open up the gates of golden opportunities for you. This social media platform offers the targeting segments, aligning well with the needs of a B2B:

  • Employer name.
  • Job title.
  • Employment industry.
  • Interest industry.
  • Employer company size.
  • Business travelers.

Facebook also creates lookalike audiences based on the existing email list, the website’s visitors, and the customer base. This advertising strategy can help you get a return of up to four times.

It targets the sales funnel with various tools of engagement

Facebook caters to every user, irrespective of the state of engagement. The ad formats, measurement capabilities, and the targeting options align well with the marketing strategy planned by social media marketing company in bangalore. It does not matter if you are in the upper stages of the sales funnel, just beginning with your research, or in the mid, ready to transact, this social media platform has options for every business.

There are options like sponsored stories, video, and carousel ads to pique the audience’s interest without directly bothering them for the awareness stage. However, the high visual and memorable content creates an impression in the user’s mind, exciting them and motivating them to research your business further.

For the mid-funnel stage, Facebook offers six different types of solutions. They engage the users and drive various off-app actions that entail the user to interact with the content present on your website. Facebook is a reliable source for highly qualified traffic in which the transaction-oriented marketers get significantly benefitted. It also offers custom buttons to enhance your ads and posts. In short, Facebook provides a wide range of customized buttons to incorporate ads with the option of the call to action, which can tailor the advertisement of a specific objective.

It offers audience transparency

Facebook offers a highly transparent audience to reach. With the help of self-selecting targeting, the business can get hold of high-level control with assured transparency for the target audience:

  • Fans or the facebook-followers.
  • Friends of your followers.
  • The behaviors and interests of the users
  • Remarketing with past visitors.

It allows psychographic targeting

Demographics are a poor predictor of people’s lifestyle and purchase needs. The targeting capability of Facebook goes far beyond the demographics. It targets the audience based on:

  • Lifestyle characteristics
  • Interests
  • Life events
  • Behavioral Traits, and
  • Hobbies of the audience.

It allows targeting the competitors

Facebook offers a specific solution that allows marketers to pursue the audiences of competitors.  Although the platform does not allow you to target the fans, you can target the users who have shown interest in the brands similar to your niche. Although it depends on the users’ settings, it is an effective strategy to pursue potential users if you can access this self-reported data.

How beneficial is Facebook Analytics?

Facebook allows reporting on an extensive set of metrics. Based on the ad format, you can use different types of metrics to learn about the users’ actions. Be it reach, engagement rate, or off-facebook events like conversions and revenue generation, you can keep track of it by installing Facebook pixel. You can use these analytics to track the conversion, metrics, and to optimize the campaigns.

Apart from these benefits, Facebook is also responsible for nurturing and helping your business grow. Based on Facebook analytics, you can determine the kind of content and posts you should focus on to attract potential customers to your website. Concentrating on three main factors-site traffic, engagement, and conversions-can allow you to consider the customers’ preferences and design your social media marketing strategy based on it.


The basic goal of all these online media methodologies is to improve brand mindfulness, drive in more rush hour gridlock and lead transformations, connect with your clients, and at last develop your business. Thus, aside from these, you should connect with digital marketing agency in bangalore to build commitment.

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