Kangana Ranaut urges bollywood to spread some awareness videos on Covid-19


Ever since our government has announced a lockdown, our actors have been sharing videos on social media on how to survive this self-isolation. While some are posting their workout-at-home, others are also sharing what they are upto these days in these difficult times. 

But when Kangana Ranaut spoke about these critical times, she said it’s not funny anymore. She rightfully said that the doctors have now announced that this pandemic has become a state of community-transfer in our country and it can’t be joked around anymore. This is not a holiday-period anymore. Ranaut also said that celebrities need to be more alert, “Can we please understand where we stand and make people more alert rather than turning it into a holiday period.” 

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, who is right now in her hometown Manali, urged people to practice self-isolation and social-distancing as that’s the only way to battle this virus. Kangana Ranaut always has some right information to share and we’re proud when celebrities try to do their bit in such times. The actress was last seen in Panga which yet again won her rave reviews.


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