King in Black Brings a POWERFUL Symbiote Mutant to Krakoa


As King in Black reaches the shores of Krakoa, one of the X-Men’s most powerful leaders returned under the sway of the symbiote god Knull.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for S.W.O.R.D. #2 by Al Ewing, Valerio Schiti, Marte Gracia & VC’s Ariana Maher, on sale now

As the Earth has been engulfed by the darkness of the symbiote god Knull, Marvel’s mutant heroes have been exposed to the symbiotes created by Knull in King in Black, and they’ve been corrupted and turned against their fellow mutants. One of the most powerful infected mutants just proved how bad of a turn of events this really is, and showed how the symbiote invasion of the Earth could spread to Krakoa.

As S.W.O.R.D. #2 reveals, one of the Knullified mutant heroes from King in Black is Cable, who brings the threat of the dark primordial force straight to the heart of Krakoa by making his way through a Krakoa Gate.

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Since the coming of Knull, the heroes of the Marvel Universe have been on the defensive during King in Black. To make matters worse, that the corrupting influence of the symbiotes means that any heroes who are defeated and absorbed into the symbiotes can return to the battlefield but Knullified, turned into willing servants of the dark symbiote god. This is the main reason why Krakoa hasn’t sent more heroes to fight against it, as they fear the possibility of corrupted mutants still being able to access the island nation via the Krakoa Gates and spread the infection to their populace. While the mutant heroes of the island have done a good job of holding the line against Knull’s forces, an attack stemming from the gates could prove to be the breaking point for the mutants.

However, this fear seems to come true despite their attempts. One of the mutants who joined Cyclops in trying to fight against Knull along with the rest of Marvel’s heroes was Cable. The young telepath is among the most potentially powerful mutants on Krakoa, but even he couldn’t stop the effects of the symbiotes reaching him. Instead, it appears that Cable has been Knullified by the King in Black and turned into the perfect weapon to strike Krakoa. Despite being able to regain some semblance of light on the island thanks to Sunfire, the mutants are still in intense danger from Knull, especially after the corrupted Cable proves that mutants can indeed still make their way through Krakoa’s gates, even if they’re controlled by a symbiote.

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While Random, Frenzy and the Skrull Paibok stand poised to confront Cable as he arrives, it’s a genuine concern that such a powerful Knullified figure could make it to Krakoa. This could let Cable spread the symbiotes to Krakoa, greatly empowering Knull’s army. The symbiote connected to Cable doesn’t appear to be negatively affected by this experience, suggesting that a symbiote-connected mutant could pass through the Krakoa Gate with no additional difficulty. While any of the Knullified X-Men — including Cyclops and Storm — would be a serious concern for the heroes if they attacked, Cable’s telepathy makes him an especially potent threat. He could try to psychically command mutants to make their way through the gates, leaving them open to be infected and then return to Krakoa to further spread Knull’s reach.

Even without those powers, Cable’s arsenal and skill in combat make him a deadly opponent for any regular mutants who stand up to him. It’ll be difficult to bring the Knullified Cable down before the infections continue to spread, which could make things worse for the X-Men, along with everyone else on Earth. An army of symbiote-controlled mutants might be the perfect weapon for Knull to take and use against the rest of humanity that has escaped his grasp so far. It might even be in the best interests for Krakoa if the present mutant warriors shoot to kill Cable, and then try to resurrect him with the Five after they escape the island. Unless they do, then the Knullified Cable could prove to be one of the most dangerous threats in ing in Black.

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