King in Black: Symbiote Spider-Man Returns to Knowhere


In Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #3, Kang and his team of cosmic heroes head to familiar cosmic MCU location in the hopes of defeating Knull.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #3 by Peter David, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata and VC’s Joe Sabino, on sale now.

In the main King in Black series, Knull has attacked the Earth and taken over the entire world with great ease, and what heroes remain are trying to fight back. But that’s not the only fight to defeat Knull that’s taking place in the Marvel timeline. Indeed, Knull’s power stretches into the past itself, where Kang the Conqueror has begun to put a team together to stop the god of the symbiotes. So far, Kang has assembled a cosmic team of misfits that includes the Black Knight and Rocket Raccoon.

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In Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #3, he adds Spider-Man and Monica Rambeau to the roster. Now that the team is complete, they head off into space where they believe they will find the key to defeating Knull in Knowhere.

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Knowhere is a cosmic space station housed inside the ancient head of a fallen Celestial. The location has been visited multiple times by the Guardians of the Galaxy — in fact, Knowhere even once served as the cosmic superhero team’s base of operations for a while. The station is such an important place that it even made the jump to the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in both 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy and 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War.

While Knowhere first appeared in 2008’s Nova #8, it was later revealed, in 2018’s Venom #4, that it was Knull himself who had killed the Celestial whose head would one day become the Knowhere space station. Indeed, Knull is a cosmic being as old as the universe itself. He lived in the void before the Big Bang and after light first came to him, he soon found himself in battle with the Celestials. Using a blade made of the dark, he severed a Celestial’s head and later found refuge inside it. There, he sharpened and forged the blade into All-Black, the Necrosword.

And, over time, the floating head of the Celestial would become Knowhere. And now, the very place that Knull created millions of years ago is where Kang the Conqueror and his team are headed in the hopes of killing the god of the symbiotes.

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In the previous issues of Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black, another one of Knull’s creations, the shadow creature known as Mister E, has been after the Black Knight’s Ebony Blade, a magical weapon forged by Merlin that is so powerful it is believed to be able to kill Knull himself. Now, Mister E has finally gotten the sword, and he’s traveling to Knowhere to find a troll named Ulicia who is an expert forger of cosmic and magic weapons.

The shadow creature believes the troll is the only one who has the skills and the knowledge to destroy the Ebony Blade. As a result, Kang and his team are traveling there to stop Mister E and Ulicia from destroying the sword. Only then will they have the means to kill Knull, and stop his conquest of Earth — and the universe.

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