Know the Secret of Passing CompTIA Network+ Exam Easily. Is it Practice Test?


Obtaining the CompTIA Network+ certification is probably one of the most valuable investments that you’re going to make in your IT career. It’s undoubtedly one of the most valuable badges out there that will help you move your career further.

Network+ is an excellent entry point for those who are starting their careers since employers highly value it from their candidates. Even though it’s an entry-level credential, the benefits of it are obvious since you’re going to be able to enjoy better pay and career opportunities with the potential of advancement.

Is the CompTIA Network+ a Difficult Credential?

It is undoubtedly a challenge, but it’s not impossible to earn it at your first attempt. It can be done, and, in fact, many candidates have successfully tackled it, even those with far less experience and expertise.

Just like for any other entry-level IT certification, if you don’t have any prior knowledge regarding what the Network+ badge is about, you may need some time adjusting to the technical jargon. That’s why CompTIA recommends that you have at least 9 to 12 months of IT work experience before deciding to take it. Alternatively, you can also take the A+ badge, and take up some IT-related jobs to get you what you need.

If you are passionate about having a thriving IT career and are committed to your personal growth, this is the perfect credential to get and use it as a launching pad.

How to Earn the Network+ Badge?

All IT certifications require an exam, and the CompTIA Network+ badge is no different since you’ll need to pass N10-007 test. It’s a 90-minute exam with a maximum of 90 items, so you can already imagine the time pressure that you will be in as you take it. It also costs $329 for an attempt, so it only makes sense to excel in it on your first try not to waste your cash.

During the main exam, you will see a variety of questions from multiple-choice, drag and drops, to performance-based.

Practice Tests and Preparation for the Network+ N10-007 Exam

These are some of the reasons why practice tests need to be an essential part of your preparation process for test N10-007. They’re going to help you with time management and put you in the mindset of expecting every possible scenario.

Of course, you’ll have to pair it up with other methods such as reading up on study guides and getting yourself some excellent training materials. CompTIA also provides a lot of alternatives like classroom instruction and self-paced learning so you can select the one that fits your style.

Wrap up

Passing your CompTIA Network+ exam and earning the badge is surely not impossible. With the right tools, mindset, learning methods, and especially practice tests, you’ll be able to do it on your first try. Having Network+ is going to do wonders for your career, as it’s going to open up a lot of avenues and a nice pay bump with as much as $65,491 in one year, according to If you are committed to an IT career and want a path that’s going to open up a lot of opportunities, including advanced learning, the Network+ certification is for you.