Lifestyle Factors That Affecting Your Life Insurance Quote


Buying life insurance is one of the best ways to protect your loved ones financially in case of an accident or sudden death. When offering health or life insurance to someone, a company examines the life expectancy of the customer. They consider several factors like age, medical history, current health, and lifestyle, etc. for this purpose. Some of them are out of your control while others can be controlled by making some necessary lifestyle changes.

Here are some of the major lifestyle factors that insurance providers usually consider when pricing out life insurance policies for applicants.


Your age is the first and very important factor the insurers consider while calculating life insurance premiums. When you are young, you will be paying the premium for years before they need to worry about sending the money to your family. That’s why experts always suggest purchasing insurance before it is too late. Buying one right after college is the right time if there are no financial dependents.


Smoking is one of the major hazards to human health and can have a direct impact on your insurance premium as well. Since smoking puts you into several sorts of health concerns, insurance companies consider such applicants riskier than those who don’t smoke. That is the reason, premiums can be higher for you if you smoke regularly.


The underwriting process for most insurers includes a detailed medical test in which the insurer records key aspects of health including height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and so on. Some may also require a candidate for an ECG test in some cases to check their heart’s condition. It helps them know the serious health conditions if an applicant has, so they can offer them a competitive premium rate. On another hand, some insurance companies are operating with no health exam policies but an applicant may need to pay more in terms of premium payments.

Lifestyle & Profession

Do you love to drive racing cars or climbing mountains in your free time? If yes, then you will have to disburse considerably more for an insurance policy you have purchased. You can engage in risky activities anytime that can cause the career to meet major financial concerns. Your profession is another most important factor that insurers consider while offering insurance. They may charge more if you are engaged with a risky professional like transportation, mining or sky diving, etc.

Driving Record

Most insurers check the driving record of applicants while they are conducting the underwriting process. In some cases, they can also contact the department of motor vehicles to check if you have ever violated the traffic rules and laws. Since traffic accidents are one of the common causes of death, insurance companies prefer applicants with good driving skills and history. You as an applicant may need to pay more in terms of premium if you have been in a road accident or violated the traffic rules in recent days. And if you are a good driver and follow the rules while moving on the road, you may enjoy reduced and favorable insurance quotes.

Inactive Lifestyle or Obesity

Obesity and inactivity can cause several types of medical concerns. That’s why they both are also included in the list of factors that affect life insurance quotes. If you are obese or inactive in your day-to-day life, chances are higher you might suffer from serious health issues in the future. And it can significantly affect your insurance plan. This is the reason healthy people always enjoy lower insurance premium costs than people who are unhealthy and less active in their lives.

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