What Everyone Ought To Know About MBA in Digital Marketing


From all the list of MBA specializations that are offered today, an MBA in digital marketing is a very recent addition to the group. And even after being so new, it has picked up tremendously due to the rising scope of digital marketing

In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything about an MBA in Digital Marketing so if you wish to make the right choice for your career, stick till the end. 

What is an MBA in Digital Marketing? 

An MBA in Digital Marketing is a professional 2-year post-graduate degree program. It is curated with an aim to upskill a student in all aspects of digital marketing as well as how management works. 

This is the only program that offers various versions of it because of the dynamic nature of its study. You can check out IIDE’s MBA in Digital Marketing program. 

We will now look at all the details of an MBA in Digital Marketing that you should look for when choosing an MBA course. 

Syllabus of an MBA in Digital Marketing

The syllabus of an MBA program is holistic with a lot of focus on practical training and application. 

The following digital marketing skills are taught:

  • Digital Marketing Basics 
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • SMM (social media marketing)
  • SEM (search engine marketing)
  • Website Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Media Planning
  • CRM
  • Ecommerce Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Podcast Marketing

In addition to these, these are the managerial & soft skills that a student is equipped with. 

  • Interview Skills
  • Agency Visits and Management Interaction
  • Resume Making
  • Art of Pitching in the Media Industry
  • Advanced PPT skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Advanced Excel skills
  • How to approach a client brief
  • Introduction to Departments in an Agency

Other Inclusions 

Digital marketing is a field where the maximum pick up happens when you actually work in reality. So along with live projects and brand case studies, a compulsory internship is a part of such programs to help you train rigorously. 

Placements fairs are also part of almost every MBA program because companies look forward to hiring MBA candidates who have been trained professionally and practically in everything. 

To make sure that you have learned all skills correctly and that if you’re able to apply them, a capstone project is given at the end of the program as a final examination. It’s an end-to-end project where you will have to work on the brand allocated or the situation proposed. 

And once you have cleared everything and the institute is confident in your performance, an industry-recognized certification is awarded which serves as proof of your skills gained during the program. 

Career Opportunities after an MBA in Digital Marketing

It is witnessed that most of the time, MBA candidates are hired already even while the program is going on. And for the ones who aren’t, they definitely get various career opportunities after the program is over. 

One thing you must know is that MBA candidates are not required to start from an intern or executive level. They are prepared to take up mid-senior managerial roles. Here are just a few career opportunities in top companies & brands after an MBA in digital marketing: 

  • Brand Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • PPC/SEM Specialist
  • Social Media Manager 
  • Business Development Manager
  • Paid Media Expert
  • Content Marketer
  • Media Strategist
  • Client Servicing Manager

Average Salary Stats for MBA in Digital Marketing Candidates 

The salary for digital marketing is already very good due to the increase in demand for digital marketing professionals. And if a student has done an MBA, the salary increases even more. 

The average starting salary for an MBA in Digital Marketing is INR 4+ LPA. This also depends on the job role you opt for. Different roles have different demands and hence, the salary fluctuates. 

To Conclude, 

An MBA in Digital Marketing is an excellent option for all graduate students and working professionals who want to learn every detail of digital marketing along with its application. 

But what if you’re not ready for an investment in this or are an undergraduate student? There’s an option for that too! With the advancement of technology and the need for digital marketing, top institutes have announced their Online Digital Marketing Course which is much more advanced, fast-track and most of the time comes with placement assistance too! 

Read this blog on why you should consider taking up online courses. That’s all folks. Hope this has been an informative read for you.