Miles Morales Officially Has A New Love Interest


Miles Morales just teamed up with another young hero — and may have found the perfect love interest in the process.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #22 by Saladin Ahmed, Natacha Bustos, David Curiel, and VC’s Cory Petit, on sale now.

Despite being a major superhero, Miles Morales — aka Spider-Man — has to deal with all the dramas of being a teenager. This extends to romance, with the young hero having gained multiple love interests over the years — including a brand new one.

Miles Morales just got a new potential love interest in the form of Starling — with the young woman giving Miles a deep kiss after he trusts her with his secret identity.

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Miles Morales has been going through a lot lately, including seemingly losing his beloved Uncle Aaron in the fight against Ultimatum. Swinging through New York, Miles tries to clear his head — and ends up in an unexpected team-up with a fellow young hero, Starling against his enemy, the Frost Pharaoh. The pair make an effective and adaptable team, fighting back against the Frost Pharaoh’s massive icy mummy. Eventually, they even utilize their powers in sync — with Starling flying Miles high above the Pharoah before dropping Miles onto it, allowing him to strike the mummy with a momentum-assisted venom strike. This defeats the Ice Pharaoh, giving the two young heroes the chance to talk privately.

Throughout the day, the pair have bonded over their relations to super-villains — Prowler for Spider-Man and Vulture for Starling — and what it means to be young heroes. Starling even opens up about why she wants to be a hero, and why she chose to base her superhero identity around a Starling. She even tells Miles her secret identity — which prompts him to remove his mask and do the same thing. Starling quickly admits she knew he would be cute under his mask, and surprises him with a deep kiss before flying away with a smile, hinting that the two may continue this possible romance in the future — at least so long as Miles can survive the chaos caused by King in Black, which explodes on the final page of the issue.

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Miles is currently single, despite recently dating Barabra and repeatedly being teased with Gwen Stacy. Starling might be the perfect fir for Miles though, especially considering her own role as a hero in New York City and ally to the Champions. The two clearly have a lot in common, and could offer a genuine shoulder to cry on for each other. They can also work together well, giving them the chance to continue their relationship without risking any secret identity shenanigans.

But there’s also the complication presented by Starling’s role in the Champions. As Outlawed has rocked the young hero community, Starling has been open and vocal about her problems with the current leadership — specifically Ms. Marvel, who has become one of Miles’ closest friends and confidants in the world of superheroes. There might be a chance that his new potential love-interest might end up rustling some feathers with his other friends, setting up even more drama in the life of Miles Morales.

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