My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases a Surprise High-Stakes Fight


My Hero Academia is quickly coming to its final battle between Izuku Midioriya and the young heroes of Class 1-A, vs. All For One Shigaraki and the League of Villains. However, even as the latest chapter of My Hero Academia‘s manga outright dictates that there is nothing left but the final all-out war between heroes and villains, it also slips in the explosive tease that there is yet a secondary battle that could (as All Might puts it) “decide it all.” So what is this battle that’s being dangled in front of our eyes? Is it one we saw coming all along, or a new twist My Hero Academia has for us? 

(WARNING: My Hero Academia Chapter 339 SPOILERS Follow!)

In the finale section of My Hero Academia chapter 339, we get a voiceover from pro hero Fat Gum, who sets the new status quo for the final run of the series by stating that “Gone are the days” of the heroes and villains “slingin’ sneak attacks and raids at each other.” Fat Gum proclaims in no uncertain terms that My Hero Academia will next see both heroes and villains “pullin’ out all the stops. Gearing up for a true-blue, all-out war on every front.” 

However, when the final panel of the manga checks in with All Might, the former top hero makes reference to their “Plan B,” which is the aforementioned “other battle that could decide it all.” 

Right from the jump, this teasing little cliffhanger to My Hero Academia 339 could be a simple reference to the specific final battle between Deku and Shigaraki and their One For All and All For One powers. The entire main event that My Hero Academia has been built around. At the same time, Deku vs. Shigaraki is hardly a “Plan B” affair – unless All Might means the actual tug-of-war between OFA and AFO that could take place. My Hero Academia‘s movies have shown that Izuku can share his OFA powers with friends – so maybe All Might’s backup plan is indeed to spread the power around to all of Class 1-A. It would be the key difference between how Izuku’s OFA predecessors all died – and why he could triumph. In a word: friends. 

My Hero Academia fans also know that there’s a secondary battle on the fan-service radar: the Todoroki family showdown. Endeavor and Shoto have to face Dabi – and taking out the League of Villains’ most fearsome captain could definitely help sway things. 

Besides those two clear rivalries for the final fight, My Hero Academia could still throw any number of surprises at us, as All Might’s backup plan. We just got done a battle ar that no one saw coming (Star and Stripes vs. All For One Shigaraki), so anything is possible. 

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