New-age Recruitment Strategies in 2020


With changing technologies come new roles that were unheard of just a few years back and with this comes the need for better and faster recruitment strategies. It is important today that an organization hires the exact talent that they require for their company to succeed.

You also have to move forward with the world and leave manually laboring over hundreds of resumes to find one good candidate. Move on to the new quick and easy techniques that new-age recruitment technologies have to offer.

If you are still not convinced as to why you require new recruitment strategies, these statistics will show you otherwise:

  • The best candidates are off the market within 10 days.
  • 60 percent of candidates have quit an application process because it took too long.

As you can see statistics like these require that you change your strategy so you are not left behind in the recruitment world

So, start using the following new-age recruitment strategies in 2020 to improve your quality of hire and take less time while doing so:

Start using the Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

ATS has been around for a while. In fact, it dates back to the 1990s. However, back then all it could do was track the number of applications coming in.

With the advancement of technology, the ATS can now do much more than when it first started. It can match skills, post job ads on social media, and parse resumes based on the factors you require.

You can create your own parameters so that only the topmost applicants get shortlisted for a job. It can even help you dip into the pool that your system already has when a similar position was posted for earlier so you can start your hiring process faster.

Make the best use of Mobile Recruitment Tools

People are on their mobile devices all the time for everything they need. It is smart to take advantage of the situation and make it easier for them to find jobs on their mobile phones.

The mobile recruitment tools have an easy framework that allows applicants to quickly browse and find desirable jobs they want to apply to.

These tools also have some great features like text alerts that enable employees to gain important information.

For instance, it notifies them when a company they want to work for posts a job opening online for which they are eligible making it easier for them to keep track of job openings.

They can easily upload their resume and submit it with one click and search for the job by filtering in only their job profile and preferred location. The most amazing feature, however, is that they can look for jobs on the go without disrupting their daily routine.

Social media apps like LinkedIn helps employers to personally connect with potential employees and make the resume screening process easier.

Artificial Intelligence and how it can help you streamline your recruitment efforts

Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the town for quite some time and it has branched out into the recruitment world as well. It is expected to become one of the top techniques that will be extensively used for recruitment in the coming years.

So, start investing in it now to gain maximum benefits.

One of the most difficult parts of recruitment is the sheer volume of resumes that are submitted to any job opening. It is a lot of work to go through every resume to select only those suitable candidates that will be the best match for a job.

Artificial intelligence does this job for you by scrounging through recruiter databases to select only those resumes that match job specifications. This will make the whole process quicker and eliminate any possible human error as well.

Start practicing Video Interviews

What do you want from an interview? That you sit down face-to-face with a potential employee to see if they will be the right fit for your company, right? Well, you do not have to call them to your office for that. A video interview will serve just as well.

It will save time and resources for both you and the applicant.

You do not need to eliminate face-to-face interviews completely but video interviews can help you eliminate the applicants that you are not exactly sure about and also help you interview the desirable candidates with geographical restrictions.


The longer you wait to hire for a certain position, the lower will be the quality of your hire. Employees today are looking for quick and convenient ways of finding a job and the companies complying with this demand are taking their picks from the talent pool.

If you want to make sure that you have all the advantages that a good employee brings to an organization, you need to invest in your recruitment process by applying new-age recruitment strategies.

This article shows you all the latest trends that can help you streamline your recruitment efforts so that you can also take advantage of these and increase your quality of hire.