New Vector Graphics Software Tested—Amadine


Vector graphics samples are gaining momentum, and it would be a great loss for a brand not ready to use them. Excellent scalability that comes along with saving image quality regardless of how big the zoom is, as well as incredible storage efficiency—only these few advantages make it a worthy mission for a company to get acquainted with professional drawing apps. Personally, I have tried half a dozen of them, and Amadine has turned out to be the leading one in this class.

If I were to rank solutions like Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and Amadine, the latter won’t be the last one for sure. The main reason for that is a perfect balance between advanced functionality and its ease of use. I don’t have to spend ages to find out how to access this or that feature—the navigation is intuitive. The well-developed user interface guarantees a simplified and smooth learning curve.

What are the other things I appreciate about Amadine apart from the smooth workflow it offers? Here are the main factors that make me include this application in my top list of favorite programs for working with vector graphics.

Lots of Activities Are Your Cup of Tea

The basic Amadine focus area is vector graphics, so end consumers may miss that this type of images will be the right solution for print and branding projects like brochures, logos, and posters, multimedia presentations with charts and divergent interactive visual content, and much more. The program under consideration offers numerous templates so I can create layouts from scratch fast and without quality loss.

The software iPhone and iPad compatibility enables me to be flexible and versatile in my business activities and prepare unique vector graphics samples anywhere and anytime. What is more, the service provider releases interesting updates and tutorials that present new horizons of implementing this visual technology in my branding.

The range of available formats is pretty varied, but the more qualitative formats, the better. SVG, EPS, and PDF files are what I prefer to use to save my artwork. 

Appealing Designs

Working with Amadine is a pure pleasure since its visual attractiveness is absolutely appealing. A wide range of filters and colors let me and other interested parties create juicy, bright, and eye-catching effects for extraordinary vector art. If I were to count the number of hues and gradients, I would likely fail — but that would be a pleasant loss, frankly speaking.

Of course, functional tools enable customers to manipulate lines and curves diversely. For instance, variable strokes and the high-end pen tool allow reaching a supreme level of professionalism without huge effort. I don’t have to look for additional means on Mac to distinguish my artwork—everything required is present in this all-inclusive solution.

The system under analysis provides several ready-made distinct effects. So I can freely experiment with different design styles and create unique vector graphics samples on Mac. What is more, this vector drawing app stands out among other similar programs with its excellent lettering and typography tools. I can adjust the image parameters and play with 2D and 3D visual illusions to receive magnification results.

Wrap It Up

At the end of the day, fulfilling duties on the base of this new vector graphics app tested multiple times already is a breeze. This software is equipped with cutting-edge technologies like Metal 2 and Apple Silicon M1. The service provider is friendly, and their support team is always reachable.

No matter what complex procedures I make the program proceed with, low latency is always at my disposal. In this perspective, I am definitely saying “yes” to this vector drawing app and would recommend it to different teams, especially it is suited for beginners.