The Next Generation iPhone May Equipped With a New Kind of NIR Wide-Angle Lens


According to a recent application by , The Company is working on a new kind of technology and is likely to a wide-angle lens camera with a large shooting angle in the next generation .

Apple are best known for their cameras, but the future of Apple’s phones will be better. Because Apple has recently acquired a camera technology company, InVisage, the company uses quantum dot technology to ensure that the camera can more easily capture the light, in addition, the technology allows the camera to be thinner, and improve the camera in low light imaging levels.

However, it turns out that the company is still developing a new type of lens that will allow the camera to take a wider range of shots. It is reported that Apple has applied for a patent for this type of infrared imaging lens in Taiwan.

The patent states that “ (NIR) devices capture light at wavelengths between 800nm and 1300nm, which are used in medical diagnostics, food inspections, and night-vision environments. One of the inventors of the patent was an engineer at , who currently works for Apple.

With this design approach, wide-angle, miniature imaging lenses can be developed for high-resolution NIR imaging, an F / 2.0 lens fabricated with this technique can capture an 84-degree global picture with optical distortion on the image of no more than 2%. An F / 2.0 lens imaging is better than the current . So far, Apple is using F/1.8 aperture in the current and iPhoneX.

Combining NIR imaging technology will ensure that the iPhone camera has night-vision capabilities – to see objects in complete darkness. Currently, the technology is used by the military around the world for battlefield detection. The technology may also be applied to the rumored Apple product – . Offering smart night vision-equipped smart eyewear devices can give Apple a more competitive edge than its competitors like .

Apple has always been improving its camera design when it comes to launching a new generation of iPhone. On the , Apple introduced a dual rear camera, and on the recently introduced , Apple released a TrueDepth camera that creates a better depth of field. Apple currently offers devices in two different setups – one for horizontal setup on the and one for the vertical setup on the iPhone X.

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