Pokimane to play Among Us with US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitch


Gaming, and more importantly, streaming, has evolved past its dark ages and become a fixture of modern media and pop culture. So much so that Twitch streamers like Pokimane are nothing short of bonafide celebrities and have a lot of mainstream appeal.

To that end, the internet was set alight when US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known simply by her initials, AOC, tweeted that she would be down for a game of Among Us on stream.

The Twitch community jumped at this prospect, with several popular streamers expressing their interest in introducing AOC to Among Us. Some of the most popular streamers who responded to her tweet included Pokimane, HasanAbi, Dr Lupo, and Felicia Day.

So far, AOC has responded to Pokimane and HasanAbi, and confirmed that they would be streaming together. In a follow-up tweet, the 31-year-old let fans know that she had begun setting up for the stream.

Pokimane, AOC to play stream Among Us on Twitch

Pokimane is, no doubt, one of the biggest streamers on the platform and has a massive following, which guarantees that the stream has every reason to be a major hit.

Even though AOC is new to Among Us, she is no stranger to games, as she is a massively capable League of Legends player and has been dominant in the past. The New York Congresswoman managed to reach Silver III in League’s ranked mode, earning her some major brownie points with the younger demographic.

So far, the exact time of the stream hasn’t been revealed, though the New York native tweeted out assuring fans that she would be streaming by tomorrow night.

Pokimane even offered to help AOC get set up. Given that the streamer’s popularity has taken a bit of a hit lately, she has managed to make an impressive comeback, and the Twitch star remains as popular as ever.

AOC herself has been a major fixture in the pop culture zeitgeist, so much so that one of the newer characters, played by Claudia Doumit, in Season 2 of The Boys, Victoria Neuman, was inspired from her. The actors would even refer to her character as “AOC” during interviews.

Published 20 Oct 2020, 10:29 IST

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