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Queen Elizabeth is one of the most well-travelled monarchs in the world, often taking her husband Prince Phillip along with her. While the duo often attends many big moments of the trip together, from state dinners to charitable visits, it seems there is one aspect of their holiday they do not share.

According to author Brian Hoey, the royal couple do not share a bed – both at home and abroad.

In his book Not In Front Of The Corgis, the royal insider wrote: “With many couples of their generation and class it is perfectly normal for couples not to share a bed at all time.”

He continued: “Even when the royal couple had the use of the Royal Yacht Britannia, they had separate cabins and nowhere on the Yacht were there any double beds.”

There is a similar set up onboard the royal train, with the couple enjoying their own separate bedrooms.

According to Lady Pamela Hicks, Prince Phillip’s cousin, the upper class “always have separate bedrooms”.

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Meanwhile, it is reported her bedroom, as part of the Queen’s carriage onboard the royal train, is decorated in light pastel shades.

The bedroom boasts a 3ft-wide single bed in one corner which is made up with cotton sheets and wool blankets.

The Monarch also ensures she has several reading lamps near to her bed.

Though this tradition is one which dates back years, even younger members of the Royal Family have found themselves partaking in separate sleeping arrangements.

The Monarch, for example, has a full-sized bath which comes with its own strict rules.

According to insiders, train operators must make sure the train is not to cross any bumpy points or stop the train altogether when the Queen is enjoying her bath.

Prince Phillip, meanwhile, has a specially positioned mirror.

“His royal highness Prince Philip has a shaving mirror mounting next to his toilet,” explained Chris Hillyard, a former royal train foreman.

“So you can sit on the toilet and look in the mirror and shave.”




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