Robin Torkar, streamer and JackSepticEye editor, comes out as trans


Robin Torkar, also known as Pixlpit or Betapixel, has come out as a trans-woman on Twitter, stating he will be using he/him pronouns for now.

The Swedish YouTuber is known for his work on JackSepticEye’s videos as well as regular streams of his own, and is a close friend of Jack’s.

In the statement released on Twitter on Saturday (February 20) Robin explained that he had spent “two thirds” of his life wishing to be female, and was starting treatment for gender reassignment through his doctor.

“I’m becoming… a trans-woman!” reads the statement. “It’s still very early on in the process, I’m still almost in disbelief.

“For now I’m still going by the name Robin and I’m still using he/him pronouns but I’m choosing to bring you in the loop early and hopefully you’ll want to join me on this journey!”

He pre-emptively addressed critics by asking them to “disembark here”, explaining that “the topic of rights and equality has always, unlike gender, been a binary fact.

“People being offered the same rights regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. is to me a no-brainer. It SHOULD be obvious. If you don’t agree with that, you are simply incorrect. You’re electing to marginalise a certain group of people because you don’t like them. But you have no authority.”

Going forward, Robin has promised fans he will “share what I’m comfortable with sharing” and keep them updated when possible.

JackSepticEye responded to the statement also on Twitter, saying: “So incredibly proud of you. I am with you 100% of the way and your bravery has been inspirational. So excited to see your journey.”



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