Signal is up and running now, here’s how you can resume sending messages


Signal, the messaging app is up and running again after suffering a global outage for a couple of days. Many users of the app were unable to send messages to each other. The app has seen a massive surge in downloads amidst the WhatsApp privacy policy crisis, especially after Elon Musk tweeted about the alternative. Announcing the news about Signal working properly, the co-founder and CEO of the messaging app, Moxie Marlinspike apologised to the users for the inconvenience caused and assured them that their migration will “goes more smoothly”.

“Rough couple of days! Thanks everyone for being so supportive, and to everyone who reached out. Really nice to come back here after all that and see so many words of encouragement, and so sweet to hear the stories of what it felt like to be “without signal” online for a while,” Marlinspike tweeted.

“Also, really sorry about this! We’re super focused on making sure we keep up with the migration to Signal that’s happening in so many places around the world, and are working hard to make sure it goes more smoothly than yesterday,” he added.

If you are still facing problems sending messages, here’s what you can do. Android users may be seeing “Bad encrypted message” after sending a message. To fix that, they should simply tap on the three dots on the top right corner followed by “Reset secure mission”. On the other hand, iOS users are seeing a message “Received message was out of sync”. Simply tapping on “Reset Session” to get back to using the app.

Signal also emphasised on the part that these errors will not affect chat security. Also, it will be fixed in the next update. The app has already got over 50 million downloads on the Play Store with an impressive rating of 4.5.




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