Spider-Man Reveals What Really Happened to Sin-Eater’s Latest Victims


Norman Osborn has revealed what happened to those powers of all of Sin-Eater’s victims.

WARNING: Spoilers follow for Amazing Spider-Man #56 by Nick Spencer, Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy, John Dell, Rachelle Rosenberg, Edgar Delgado & VC’s Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

When Madame Web allowed Sin-Eater to cleanse her of her sins and steal her powers, the villain was too overwhelmed by piercing the veil that he took his own life. While that was technically what happened, Kindred explained that Sin-Eater was already dead, and a dead person can’t die a second time.

Logistics aside, the elimination of Sin-Eater opened up a new question concerning the “Last Remains” storyline. Throughout the entire event, Sin-Eater cleansed supervillains and, in the process, stole their powers. With Sin-Eater gone, what happened to those powers? According to Norman Osborn, when Sin-Eater fell, all the powers he stole and sins he cleansed sought out their original hosts.

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The one exception to this rule was Norman Osborn — if he is to be believed. Osborn felt that there was a reason that he was spared from his sins, hatred, mental illness and powers returning to him. Norman said that bringing back Sin-Eater and stripping him of his sins was a gift he wants to pay back. He said he no longer has “a demon” screaming over his every thought, and it is the freedom he would have given anything for. Harry gave that to him, and he wants to pay him back. That is when Norman described what happened to the sins after Sin-Eater died.


Norman said the sins returned to the original hosts, and “chaos and destruction” followed the return of those sins. Villains at Ravencroft got their powers back and went mad. Juggernaut got his powers back and escaped from the holding truck. Morlun got his powers back, which for him was as much a curse as anything else. However, as Norman was telling the story, two other people seemed to have come out as changed as Osborn himself. They were Overdrive and Mister Negative.

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In the case of Overdrive, Carlie Cooper was hailing a taxi, and when she got in, it turned out to be Overdrive. He switched the cab into a slick-looking sports car using his powers of controlling technology. Carlie was shocked initially, but James Beverly told her she had nothing to fear, and he was happy she remembered him. She seemed surprised that he was out of the coma, and he said he didn’t know how it happened, but his sins and powers came “back with a vengeance.” However, he had already decided before this to give up crime, so it didn’t cause him to go on a rampage.

He was one of Sin-Eater’s early victims and was the first to prove that the villain did not die when cleansed. However, police officers beat him nearly into a coma after he originally revived until Carlie showed up and saved him, placing him on life support. That is when James told her he didn’t want to be a villain anymore and asked her out to dinner. She agreed to coffee, but it seems Overdrive is rehabilitated and ready to turn over a new leaf.

Martin Li

The other villain seems to be in dire straits. Martin Li — Mister Negative — raced to find Aunt May and begged her to help him because he is scared someone is trying to find him. Not all the villains that Sin-Eater cleansed were done so violently. In Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins of Norman Osborn #1 by Nick Spencer, Federico Vicentini, Edgar Delgado and VC’s Joe Caramagna, Martin Li came to Sin-Eater of his own free will and begged to be cleansed and freed of his powers. Martin no longer wanted to be Mister Negative, and now he has his sins and powers back and clearly fears for his life. Everyone that Sin-Eater touched regained their powers and sins except Norman Osborn, but it clearly hasn’t affected everyone in the same way.

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