Stylish Living Room Sets


If you’ve been looking for a living room set lately, you may have been deterred by the high prices you’ve encountered. Sofas, loveseats, coffee and side tables, rugs, and accent chairs can add up to a sizable sum pretty quickly. 

That’s why 1Stop Bedrooms works directly with manufacturers to bring you living room sets with up to 75% discounts. Combine this sale price with free shipping, and you won’t be able to say no to the set of your dreams.

What if you don’t have the full payment today? That’s not a problem at all. Take advantage of up to thirty-six months of financing to keep your payments manageable, which is easy when prices are so economical. 

Low costs do not mean low quality. Search through the reputable brands on the site to view the deeply discounted sets. You can benefit from 1Stop’s direct dealing with the manufacturers and get great discounts here. They do not pay third parties to get your furniture to you, so there are no extra fees to tack on or hide in the pricing for the sets. 

Instead, they stand behind their low-cost guarantee with a price-match guarantee. Contact the friendly customer service representatives for a price adjustment if you find the same living room set elsewhere for a cheaper cost. 

You’re sure to find a set to match your style and budget. As you sift through the wide selection of living room furniture, the monthly cost for each set is available, so know right away what you can manage. 

You can customize the pieces in your set to meet your needs. If you have a large space, a loveseat may not be big enough to balance the room. In this instance, consider placing two sofas in the room instead. You’ll receive suggestions from the site for comparable sets based on your selections, making it convenient to find items of a similar style. 

If you prefer leather or the leather look, you probably expect to pay an astronomical amount for the set you want. However, you’ll find special pricing that will allow you to achieve your desired design for much less than charges from retail outlets. 

And the savings don’t stop there. Accessories will bring the room together, and wall art is a great way to infuse your style into the design. When choosing art, think about a theme that represents your interests. If you enjoy gardening, floral paintings or landscapes are one way to express your love for the outdoors. 

Find pillows and blankets to match the theme and color palette you choose to display in the living room. If you’re running short on design ideas, feel free to reach out to an expert designer on staff. They don’t receive a commission, so any recommendations they make are based solely on making sure you’re happy with your purchase. 

Bring up any concerns you have about the furniture or buying process. They will guide you step-by-step to ensure a wonderful experience as you style your new living room.    


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