This YouTuber had his life threatened during a game of Among Us 


InnerSloth’s Among Us is currently the hottest game on the internet and is sitting comfortably atop the streaming charts.

A feat, which a few months back, would have seemed pretty much impossible, considering the fact that the game was released in 2018 and was lying dormant for almost two years.

The recent upsurge in popularity took place when several prominent streamers began to stream the game, and as the game began to rise steadily, there was no looking back.

The game of deception and deduction between Impostors and Crewmates has proved to be a winning formula among the masses, as Among Us continues to hold its own in the midst of intense competition from biggies such as Fortnite and Call of Duty.

However, fame often tends to function as a double-edged sword and recently a 19-year old YouTuber, by the name of iamLucid, recounted a harrowing experience that he had during a game of Among Us, where a 30 year-old grown man threatened to come to his house and kill him.

Image Credits: iamLucid/ YouTube
Image Credits: iamLucid/ YouTube

YouTuber receives death threats over a game of Among Us

iamLucid is a YouTuber with more than 500K subscribers, who is known for his gameplay and commentary videos on a plethora of topics, which range from the dark web to virtual reality and more.

Over the course of a 7 minute long video, he explains in details the events which took place while playing a game of Among Us, which left him fearing for his life.

He begins by speaking about general toxicity in the video game space, and how some people tend to take the game way too seriously:

“I’ve been gaming since I was seven years old and I’m nineteen right now. I’ve experienced the most toxic ends of the internet . In all my years of playing video games, I have never taken it personal when someone calls out my mother or punks me out …that’s just part of the gaming culture . “

“People are going to say bad things like that and if you take it personal , that’s your problem right, cause nobody in that lobby cares but you. “

He then proceeds to share his Among Us story:

“I was playing Among Us with my brother’s friends friends and they were all like 30-31 years old. They’re all older men and I’m 19, keep that in mind. “

He reveals that he and his cameraman then joined the Among Us lobby of one such 30-year old. iamLucid states that he was a Crewmember and despite finishing all his tasks, this person went on to unjustly accuse him of ‘venting’ as the Impostor.

He was so convincing in his approach, that he managed to get iamLucid voted out from the game. iamLucid believes that this was a tactic to protect himself from being revealed as The Impostor.

Surprisingly, he is not the Impostor, which prompts Lucid to question him and demand an answer. This seems to trigger him somehow, as he lets loose a barrage of threats:

“Out of nowhere , zero to a hundred, he goes ‘Bro I’ll beat the f**k out of you, don’t f*****g talk to me like that! I’m f*****g twice your age…where you at right now, bro I’ll kill you , I’m double your size .

“I was laughing it off, I didn’t know this guy wanted to come to my house and literally end my life, like this guy wanted to vote me out, but in real life. “

As the game of Among Us progresses, just when it seems that he has piped down, he once again flies off the handle with further insults:

“You’re so lucky, I know who your mom is and who your brother is else would have come to your house and beat your ass a long time ago. “

He sums up his video by sharing his final verdict on the entire situation and addresses his Among Us trash talker directly:

“This guy is 31 years old threatening to kill a 19-year old , you can’t justify that shit no matter what words could have come out of my mouth. “

“Listen bro, whatever you want to do , you know where I live , whatever you want, it’s all you. Maybe I can teach you a few things that you haven’t learned in these 11 years that you have on me in life. ”

While iamLucid is fortunate that nothing serious ended up happening, his harrowing incident just goes to show how toxic behaviour can cast a shadow over family friendly games such as Among Us.

Published 17 Oct 2020, 02:03 IST

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