Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of a Smartphone


There existed a time when upgrading your phone after a year was a common thing. By regularly offering their customers to upgrade, providers of the cellphone made this possible and simple. Unfortunately, such arrangements do not come by nowadays. Also, due to economic challenges experienced, most people do not make a significant purchase of smartphones. People choose to stay with their phones for many years; for this to be successful, you have to maintain your phone condition. Continue to read to find out the ways to achieve this.

Learn the Charging Frequency of your Phone

This is an important element to making sure the battery of your phone is well maintained. Every phone battery has a limited lifespan; unnecessary charging of your phone can greatly impact the battery’s lifespan. The following guidelines show you when to charge your battery to maintain its lifespan.

  1. Plug out your phone when it is fully charged

Leaving the smartphone to continue charging after fully charging allows seepage of power into your battery to maintain the charge 100%. Over time the battery is stressed, and eventually, it gets damaged.

  1. Your battery should not drain completely

Smartphones have lithium as an ion in the batteries. Letting the batteries discharge completely decreases the battery’s capacity.

Purchase Phone Cases that are great

Don’t regret it, since when your gadget falls, and the display is damaged, the high chances are that there is internal damage to the connectors and components. This results in your smartphone heating up and wasting the life of your battery. Protecting your smartphone begins with protecting the external parts and the display. To do this, you will require a quality screen protector and cover.

While the quality cases from companies such as phone cases Australia can have a high cost of purchasing the cases, there are other options you can choose to purchase from. Besides, you should get the correct case that fits your smartphone.

In cases of Phone Getting Wet

When your phone falls in seawater, for example, you should remove the smartphone as soon as possible to prevent seepage in the phone. Then, you are supposed to switch off your phone immediately. Further, if you drop your phone into salty waters or a sweet liquid, such as juice, it is advisable to lightly wash the phone with either alcohol or water from the tap. If left without rinsing, the sugar and salt tend to accelerate corrosion once the water comes into contact with the internal components.

If you see moisture, it is advisable to dry it using a cloth, and you should follow this by either tapping the phone against your thigh or shaking it. Parts that can be detached from the phone, like memory or sim card, should be removed. If you have a phone that the battery is not internal, then remove it too.

Keeping your smartphone in good condition involves simple steps that can prolong your phone’s lifespan and help you minimize the money that you will use for repair and purchasing a new one. However, making sure that your phone’s external components and the display are protected using cases and screen protectors you can get from companies such as phone case Australia is the first step to prolonging your phone’s lifespan.




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