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Top 5 Best Dating Apps in 2019


These days there seem to be apps for everything. You can obtain long-range weather forecasts, check train timetables or chat with friends, all from that smart device held in the palm of your hand. But one aspect of social media which has really exploded in recent times is the use of dating apps. On top of everything else, you can now arrange your love life via your web browser, with a fascinating and ever-evolving range of sites to hook up to.

With so much choice, the most difficult question any single needs to ask from the outset is, which one should I download and join? Here are your current top five of recommended dating apps.

Flirt provides one of the most easily navigatable interfaces, and site visitors are greeted with concise instructions about what to expect when they begin getting familiar with the various aspects of the functionality. Client aspirations are well catered for with the ability to specify precisely what you are seeking in another single. The option of outlining ‘Mr or Ms Right’ allows newbies to state a wishlist, covering everything from aspects of style to the type of professional background.

Cupid is a dating resource which tends to be associated with a younger clientele; indeed, the large number of icons can sometimes prove rather overwhelming to site visitors who are not so techy. Other gripes aimed at this site are the constant pop-ups asking clients to sign up to the paid membership scheme when they have reached the limit of their free pass. But there are considerable pluses. You can browse profiles prior to going with the paid version. There are also many different ways to interact, including direct communication techniques such as ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ or the ability to send winks to someone who has caught your eye.


Loveaholics, another extremely popular US-based dating site, benefits from a slick interface, and it also provides a plethora of background information for clients searching their pages. As well as steering singles towards likely candidates for dates, there is a lot of generic advice about dating. For anyone who is new to Internet matching, pointers about aspects such as good profile photos are invaluable, ensuring interest is maintained. This fosters a sense of reliability, as many other dating sites or apps don’t give such undivided attention to newcomers.


EliteSingles, as the name would suggest, sets out to narrow down the parameters of its potential clientele. It is aimed wholeheartedly at professional types, who have a certain level of income and tend to be university graduates. The ethos behind this is to cater for a specific market and provide customers who are seeking matches within their sociological demographic with the satisfaction of being paired with someone compatible from the get-go. This avoids a lot of the unnecessary timewasting in more generic sites, where there can be more of a lottery where singles are being thrust together in a fairly random fashion. Perhaps this ethos might seem a tad elitist, but they have obviously done their research and appreciate there is a powerful niche market for what they are doing.


Compatibility also lies at the core of the way eHarmony operates. When any new clients are signing up, the first thing they have to complete is a fairly lengthy Q and A session, involving specifying a list of likes and dislikes. This probes so much deeper than whether or not they are seeking someone bubbly or blonde. At this stage they are asked about everything from their overall personality to whether or not they have strong religious or spiritual beliefs, ensuring they have a better chance of being matched appropriately.

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